Well as usual I was poking my head around social media & scrolled to see in my feeds that a young black man, Alton Sterling  was shot in cold blood, up close by a police officer in Baton Rouge, LA!  The following footage was posted online on various social media.


But then in the ripe hours of this morning, I saw yet again ANOTHER young black man, Philando Castile was shot and killed.  Like Alton, it was up close & point blank range. However the victim was in a car with his girlfriend in the passenger side & their small child was in the backseat. This following a traffic stop for a busted tail light.  The following footage was recorded live on Facebook by the victim’s girlfriend.


I was rather saddened last night because regardless of why or how, another family has to plan a funeral for another senseless murder. When will this end, I asked myself? And then it dawned on me…the shit may never!

I have come me to a serious conclusion: “…[We] justify those that died by wearing the badge…”

I don’t know if it’s irony or just coincidence but I just wrapped up a binge session of Orange is the New Black. [SPOILER ALERT…skip this next paragragh if you haven’t seen the latest season]

Anyway, after I got done I was a little saddened as one of my fav characters was killed off. The assailant, although just being stupid & overreacting was a male, white correctional officer & the victim was one of the lady inmates who was of course black & unarmed. But the way they spun it for the show was purely racial!  They spent 45 minutes of the show trying to find a way to use the victim’s past against her like some sort of scapegoat to escape being liable. When that didn’t work, they tried blaming the C.O. but eventually found a way to make him the “victim” again. It went on simply to prove the point that Black lives don’t matter. Not in a “poke fun at” kinda way but in an eye opening sort of way.

Before that I watched the entire remake of the book-turned-miniseries, Roots on demand a few weeks ago. So I was feeling a bit Rage Against the Machine-ish!

Fast forward to last night! It brought me to a serious conclusion.


Today I’m not sad. I can barely even grieve for these families I barely know. I am angered! I am pissed off! I am enraged!

Our black lives don’t matter! Women’s lives don’t matter! Our kids’ lives don’t matter…not in America & probably not a few other places on earth!


Of course technology today makes it easier to shed light on these horrible things & social media makes it effortless to spread it across the world but it does nothing to stop it because we do nothing to stop it. We may pray and protest but until the next trending event, I fear that these events will too be forgotten.  Why? Because if one thing I learned is that a generation that forgets its past, repeats it! We make light of our past & even poke fun at it but we don’t truly hold onto it. We don’t pass it down to our children. We leave no legacy. Shit we barely observe Black History Month.

hosed down


We CANNOT expect a system that was built on oppressing people to save those very same people!

Point blank fucking period!

You can go on posting all the hateful shit you have experienced in the past or will experience today or tomorrow all the fuck you want! You can protest and march or even pray! It won’t change the fact that BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER!! Regardless if it is a degenerate/delinquent youth or an upstanding member of so-called society… Our lives aren’t enough of a factor to bring change.

mike brownTamir_Rice_family_photo

Black lives didn’t matter when our youth were given drugs to poison us & foolish bullshit on TV to distract us! Black lives didn’t matter when our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers were racially profiled/harassed by so called law enforcement & hate groups. Black lives didn’t matter when our sons/daughters hustled to make a buck as drug dealers/strippers because we weren’t offered “their” good jobs for shitty wages! Black lives didn’t matter when our grandparents marched & died for civil rights! Black lives didn’t matter when our great grandparents hung from trees! Black lives didn’t matter when our ancestors were sold/traded from forgotten places on a whole other continent….not to mention later kidnapped. Black lives didn’t matter when those that eventually made it to America were chained/branded/beaten/bred like fucking cattle! Black lives didn’t matter when our ancestors were raped & murdered, their homelands pillaged & our history nearly wiped out of existence. Not to mention the fact that we’ve been taught our history by the very same educational institutions that tried to hide half of the shit from us.


Which brings me to a dire point… Our black lives barely matter to us. So why the fuck do we act so disillusioned? Maybe while we were partying & fucking up our own lives, we forgot somewhere that racism & sexism have become blurred lines and spun off scandals instead of the blatant torture we endured first hand. Where and how did we forget that we were always targeted and taken out without thought? It happened when we became sheep amongst the packs of wolves & left our young to be slaughtered. Broken homes with no discipline, guidance or nurturing.  We removed G-d from everything important until tradition & tragedy begs us to call on HIM. We worship reality stars and filth on TV and wonder why our lives are soaked in drama. We shout “FREE MY NIGGA” after he murders or harms others until that same nigga is then slain. We went from proud to belligerent & from decent to ratchet.

But it doesn’t validate or  justify centuries of this shit!

black muslim la 60seric garner ny choke


I am so full of emotions today. Although this shit is not new to me. It is not new to our history. But I won’t be so close minded to say that all cops are like this.  Nor will I negate the fact that some of the victims of cop shootings have put themselves in questionable situations in the first place.  That leaves cops with what starts out as good intentions to protect and serve but ends in disaster. I can’t imagine the stress this kind of job places on the human psyche, which can be jaded by years of dealing with race, poverty & any other factors that can affect judgement.  Not to mention some of the police altercations that end in violence are often the result of them having no other means of diffusing situations.

However you have those individuals who are racist and who do approach with extreme prejudice even when it isn’t called for.  But the bottom line is that officials need to give psyche evaluations to their police counterparts every month or something. Too many cops are using needless force against unarmed folks in rather “standard procedure” situations. Yeah tax dollars, yada yada but something has got to give and someone has got to be accountable. Because some fucks do hide behind a badge either to cover racism or to cover their asses.

But since I always play devil’s advocate, some if not most victims of police brutality  are not always clean and cut nor are they as innocent as we want to believe.  Even Rodney King was a repeated trouble maker before the cops wailed on him.  Did his past make his beating justified no, but it didn’t help it either. Sometimes what we as bystanders may perceive as racial profiling  is often times a cop’s lucky hunch. Some cops are honest and fair who simply get put into situations that give them moments to make life/death decisions & others honestly make shitty mistakes on duty but like the song says,  “…Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses…”

So many slaughtered senselessly or approached with lethal force for no reason.  All of this just a few days short of the year anniversary of Sandra Bland whose suspicious death was ruled as suicide or something while still in police custody. She was apprehended during a traffic stop & held for resisting arrest.


We posted memes & #hashtags to remind never to forget but here we are a year later posting, praying and protesting a system that has changed very little…At least at it’s core.

mary tuner

I wonder just how soon will we again forget…

Just makes me think about those little girls in Alabama that were bombed in a church in 1963.  Had they instead lived to have children or grandchildren today…would they too have to bury them because of a racism that was once blatant isn’t so much anymore?

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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I’m ok… No really I’M NOT OK



Are you stressed? Are you at your wits end? Are you unhappy? Are you unjustified? Well you are not alone…whether you suck at time management, love, relationships, money or heck even school… You are like the thousands if not millions whose stress levels and blood pressure are through the roof!


Well I am no doctor or Zen master but I can say there are a few things I and we can do to get through it without a stroke or spontaneously combusting!

Well worry not because the things that stress you will be there regardless if you worry or not.  At least with the latter, you give yourself the opportunity to devise a plan to get away from your stressors!

It doesn’t have to be as pricey as a all-inclusive cruise. It can be a stroll, short drive (if gas level permits).

stress-relax post it

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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A Country on Fire: Gun Violence


Am I the only one pissed off and enraged about these senseless killings? First we hear word of the church slayings, then mayhem with the Marines in Chattanooga and more recently there was a shooting in a local movie theater down in Lafayette, LA!Walton Street Double Shooting

We are a country at war with itself. No matter who pulls the trigger, it’s nothing more than domestic terrorism. It’s not about if black lives matter but ALL lives!!! We all want to sit back and point fingers… be it race, gender, the movies, the music or socioeconomic status… No matter how you spin it, this country’s society was founded in violence & fortified in blood!

The news you hear is not at all surprising to me. It’s not even shocking anymore. I mean I hear news of gunshot violence all the time but is it all that different than the atrocities the Native Americans experienced or us black American?


We traded nooses on trees to the bullet casings on the streets. No matter how you feel or try to justify it… MyCard_The_JokerBloodshed is Bloodshed!

Malcolm once said, “The chickens have come home to roost!” That’s not simply a harsh statement to white Americans but to ALL Americans. While we are at arms attending funerals in sadness or protests in anger… While we are ignoring our financial crisis & several other issues in our communities, our children are dying. It’s about damn time we start dissecting the problem at the root before we have no future left.

This country is the equivalent of taking several combustible ingredients & wondering why it goes BOOM!!
bomb go boom

That’s our history in a nutshell. We are programmed what to fear, what to hate & what to love… early on from the uterus! No matter what you believe in, history, science & even religion shows us that every beginning has an ending… And the U.S. eventually will need to take its number.

Churches aren’t safe! Neither are schools! Hell homes aren’t either.

So where does this leave us? What do we do? How do we prevent the inevitable if we can’t even stop the madness leading to it?

I can’t even begin to try to figure that out!

Well my friends… America the Beautiful doesn’t look so pretty when you smear its drag queen makeup and reveal its very own true nature at the core!

Well Until Next Time Kiddies…

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I See More Than Rainbows! 🌈💀


So last week, The Supreme Court passed a law legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states here in the land of the good ol’ Red White and Blue! Well if that wasn’t good news then I don’t know what is.


But lets look past the colorful distraction & pay close attention to some issues that have been outshone by gay rights…which I feel is more of a political move than civil rights one:

Just recently a church was shot up by an individual who’s motive was racism.

California passed a law stating vaccinations were mandatory in schools despite religious beliefs.

Washington state was engulfed in wildfires.

A Carolina court refused to remove a confederate flag while the biblical content was thought to be offensive.

Convicted murderers escaped a prison & remained on the loose until one was fatally shot & the other apprehended.

A slew of reported & unknown black murders were going on and continue to be going on all across America.

So much else is going on but what really grinds my gears is the constant comparison of gay rights to civil rights. Not saying either group has the right to be discriminated against because no hate crime should be tolerated.

I’m sorry but blacks in the US have been enslaved, brutally murdered & targeted for much longer than any gay person. I may be an advocate for gay rights but at the end of the day, a gay person can conceal their identity & stay in the closet but being black in this country is something you cannot hide/change.


The genocide & holocaust of slaves & their descendants not only continues to this day but also in other parts of the world…and has so for centuries. Even our native continent, the birthplace of creation has been raped & its natural resources constantly depleted.

lynch_3 black lynching todaylynch_5 new-york-race-protests-vent-anger-over-police-killings-1417772582-4265 seven lynch

Police examine the Nissan Altima that Sean Bell (inset) was driving the night he was shot to death by police.

Police examine the Nissan Altima that Sean Bell (inset) was driving the night he was shot to death by police.

seven lynch

My aim in this blog is not to discredit one plight for another but to shed light that black lives simply don’t matter…

Well Until Next Time Kiddies…

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The Latest New Hoopla


They’re gonna hate me for this one y’all…LOL. But guess what?

I couldn’t give 2 shits even if I binged & overdosed on Ex-Lax.

Well in case you lived under a rock for the last week or so, you may have heard former Olympian decathlon winner, Bruce Jenner transformed himself via expensive surgery into a transgendered “woman”. “She” now goes by the name Caitlyn Jenner. I emphasize the woman & she because although I respect Caitlyn’s choice, it takes more than boobs & a vagina to become a woman. As a woman, naturally… trust me I know. I won’t even bother to get philosophical or theological either.
Bruce-Jenner-Black-and-White beforecaitlyn-jenner after

Well I’m sorry as much as I am openly-minded a supporter for the LGBT community, I really could care less. Why? Because…
1. What he did was for him, not anyone else.
2. As if he’s not already famous, enough, he’s rich. He didn’t overcome any real adversity as far as I can tell. For real, for real, why not help/fund an individual seeking the same transformation who can’t afford it, the same opportunity with his money. That shit is way expensive & I’m sure some person out there who wants it without the means to do so, would appreciate it. He can make a whole new reality show out if it…lol. Let’s call it America’s Next Top transgender.
3. I think he as a family man, warped his already warped family into a whole new whirlwind of shit for limelight/fanfare.

But that’s not my gripe here. My gripe much like so much other shit is that there was so much other newsworthy news out there that it got outshined by Vanity Fair & their need to beat the so called leak of their “big” story. Even Bruce/Caitlyn’s new grandbaby announcement from Kim & Kanye.
Kim-Kardashian-cryingupset Kanye_West

Thanks to social media however, theres was the groundbreaking & heartwarming story that Akon donated millions to Africa to build solar power. I mean for a continent that’s sunny 80% of the time….that’s some amazing shit! Why didn’t I think of that?
Anyway that man is the hero or the REAL MVP!!!! But did it get the hype it should?
akon africa press confakon solar panel

FUCK NO!!!! Hell we heard more about Akon’s on stage antics a few years back than this. And that shit wasn’t even worth a trend on the internet. But hey… Why would it be any other way? I mean why would helping the birthplace of civilization, now an underdeveloped country that has been raped of it’s people & natural resources be big news?

But what really grinded my gears was the big government hack last week.

Yep our impeccable & seemingly powerful infrastructure was again infiltrated. Now how many TV shows like Blacklist, Nikita & movies like Eagle Eye & Enemy of the State do we need to see that despite being fictioius  conspiracy theories about the so called security of our nation & us or WE THE PEOPLE? I mean it’s fucking scary!

How safe are we & why isn’t the fact that supposedly important, confidential information leaked all over the net is being televised more. Maybe they don’t want us to panic? Who knows? Further what did the hackers do with this info? Why hack this part of the government? So called online sources blame China?
Neo is not impressed

I personally don’t think they have a clue! The hacking of the Office of Personnel Mngt. is just the latest in a series of federal network intrusions & data breaches, including recent incidents at the IRS, the State Department, and even the White House. These attacks have occurred despite the $4.5 billion National Cybersecurity and Protection System (NCPS) program and its centerpiece capability, Einstein. I guess all that spying on us normal tax payers kept Uncle Sam’s best techies busy… Check out my blog on the NSA story

This particular branch is the human resources department for all civilian agencies of the federal government, so this attack exposed records for over 4 million current/former government employees at places like the Department of Defense. Let’s not forget all of the background checks & security clearance investigations on employees’ families, neighbors, and/or close associates.

My opinion is this was the Trojan horse of cyber attacks… and this is only the beginning.
cyber trojan horse1

Hopefully they will fix it and we can go on like nothing is happening while being trapped in an alternate reality. And the person or persons trying to save us are terrorists & not the metaphorical, digital savior of mankind. Oh no wait that’s The Matrix. LOL. Either way we are just as fucking oblivious to what’s going on & perhaps will be after all of this has passed.

I just hope Neo is watching…
neo is watching

Until next time kiddies…

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Black History Month


If you have a facebook page… take a look at my Black History Month posts. Enlightening, Educational & Entertaining.

Click Here to See the Black History Posts

Later I will more than likely recap the whole month and make it a blog post for each of the pictures I have created.

You can also see some of them on my Instagram as well.

I mean there is nothing wrong with going out of your way and friggin’ learning something. I guarantee you that a lot of the info I have gather hasn’t be divulged in history or social studies classes. I mean what do you have to lose?

We can look at bullshit online but rarely will take the chance to learn something. There is more to social media than club life, strippers, parties, sex, music, movies and fast money. So SWYD, Turn down for once and go feed something other than your stomach & libido…


This year’s focus is slavery. Despite what history tells us, African slaves did not go docile into bondage. History would allow us to think that most of us turned to the Christian religion, insurrection to the slave masters, running away or even suicide… But take a closer look. A lot of ancestors didn’t go out without a fight or revolt. In fact for most of the 17th-18th centuries, slavery was apparent throughout all of the “New World” colonies… Eventually…laws would give create dramatic changes… And well history… eventually paints a different picture for us in school.

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What’s NOT in News


Not long ago all we kept hearing was Ebola this, Ebola that. Lately everyone seems to be up in arms over race relations & clumping together in rallies or protests. Meanwhile the US Department of Health & Human Services (probably in conjunction with the CDC) is designating treatment centers for Ebola Care in almost every major city!



They’ve already set them up! So while the only thing some of us are preparing for is ladies/fellas night out, Christmas shopping & any other distraction, there’s a whole lot going on!

I’m sorry but this is too much like something out of a horror/Sci-Fi flick! No I’m not paranoid but I swear there has to be some evil conglomerate multi-national corporation much like Umbrella from Resident Evil somewhere in the mix… resident evil

Or even 28 Days Later…

I mean we certainly haven’t had reasons to believe that a zombie or bio-terror incident would occur…even if not at the hands of a big corporation or government!

Or maybe I am overreating a tad…

But let’s see… If this were a movie, how does our real life plot stack up to Hollywood!

Testing of experimental drugs, viruses? ☑
The attempt of eradication of a group of people? ☑
The attempt to cover up the biological warfare that would’ve been the preferred weapon of choice? ☑
The spread of the biological or viral weaponry out of control or perhaps plopped in the wrong hands? ☑
Street drugs causing crazed/menacing behavior (cough cough Bath Salts) suddenly vanished & out if primetime news? ☑
Widespread talk of other news to distract our focus of biological warfare in out backyard? ☑
Strange occurrences? ⬜
Zombie outbreak? ⬜
Apocalypse ⬜

I could go on… Hell but the plot to destroy mankind has been in the works & probably prophesied throughout the ages. Does it mean it’ll come true??? Who knows? But we need to pay some kind of attention here? This is more than coincidence & usually the best part of science fiction is derived from nonfiction!

Reminds me of Outbreak, the 90s Dustin Hoffman flick!SavedPicture-2014122141824.jpg
You know where people in some African village in the 60s contract a fictional, hemorrhagic virus called Motaba that gives people a deadly fever! They destroy the village because everyone there died but not without collecting samples for the government “research”. Decades later, the virus resurfaces and hits US soil causing destruction, etc..

But what exactly is Ebola?
According to the CDC: Discovered in 1976 in the Congo, the disease was previously known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. It is a rare & deadly disease caused by infection with one of the 5 Ebola virus strains. Ebola can cause disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees). Outbreaks have been pretty much scarce. Although the natural reservoir host of Ebola virus remains unknown, evidence suggests that 4 of the 5 virus strains are from an animal host native to Africa. This is mostly because of the nature of similar viruses so researchers believe that the virus is animal-borne and that bats are the most likely reservoir.

Me personally I don’t think I’m being paranoid in preparing myself a survival kit…I mean who wants to end up on the bad side of world-end apocalypse?

Just because other folks are too fucktarded to be prepared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I mean what’s a step above being a zombie? Being blind, dumb & complacently trusting that “everything’s going to be ok.” Now I’m not saying the government doesn’t have us citizens best interests at heart or that their intentions are poor. I just think that they are too smart for their own good & they feel we aren’t mentally/emotionally equipped to deal!

But if you’re among those naive or just plain stupid individuals whose everyday goings are more important…then by all means don’t heed the warnings or signs!
I’m just gonna let my buddy Randy explain how to survive later down the road in the event you didn’t listen to me today!

Til Later kiddies…

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