Just Do It Nike and Kaepernick (buy or boycott?)

I had a whole other blog planned for today but I had to type up a new one for you today!

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Recently Nike and former 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick revealed that he had been endorsed all this time. His deal signed back in 2011 had never been severed despite Colin not playing in the NFL since being fired. Kaepernick is probably more known for his silent protest than his quarterback stats after taking a knee during the national anthem in during several games during the 2016 season. Well now he is the new face of Nike. The Nike Dream Big ad seen (full add seen below) has already been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube, over 6 million times on their Instagram account and shared countless times everywhere else.

In attempt to revamp the logo “Just Do It”, which has been around since my childhood, Nike is trying to reach a demographic of “woke” urban youths. That being said since word got out, people have already turned this into race relations and have been on both sides of the fence. It’s like living in a real live sequel to Higher Learning (if it were to happen…just saying).


On one side you have black Americans who support Nike and Kaepernick versus white Americans who do not. Then somewhere far right, you have Donald Trump who has again tweeted his opinion that no one asked for but expected. His last tweet a tad toned down but still “classic Trump” as he expressed his discontent Nike.

trump nike

This almost as to the point as previous tweets about NFL owners/coaches who allow support of silent kneeling protests (made popular by Kaepernick) and more recently Nike. You even have folks posting videos on social media of themselves burning Nike apparel.

I can understand boycotting and not supporting Nike, giving their purchased gear away or selling it on eBay…But to simply burn it?

nike burn

Maybe it perplexes me and I’m trying to understand the logic but you do realize that you’ve already supported them, right? They have made their money off of you and boycotting usually means “not” supporting someone.


But whatever, who am I to judge rednecks? Alrighty then…moving along!


On the other side, you’ve got folks buying Nike everything or at least sporting Nike stuff whenever possible. Hey I am all for that but don’t go trying to impress people with money you don’t have to buy stuff you don’t need. Like if you or your kid needs something athletic, ok fine. All I’m saying is don’t go in the Footlocker and go crazy only to realize that you’re broke trying to pay rent.

My thing is I actually applaud Nike but not because I like the ad…or not. But because as a former marketing major (for like a semester)…it makes sense or in this case dollars. OK this is why:

  1. They waited for the perfect time right as the NFL regular season was about to go under way.
  2. They targeted the black dollar. Black folks are known to spend a lot on shit. (we gotta look fresh)
  3. As a non-white consumer, I am not sure about the apparel purchasing habits of white Americans but I know black people have always clowned around about how white people keep wear the same sneakers forever. Like I said, I don’t know how true that is but if that stereotype is factual…then I don’t think the sports apareal conglomerate is afraid.

Nike ain’t stupid…clearly! NKE stocks climbed just after a brief drop and it held steady by the close of the day a shy amount $80… I will stay updated with their stocks as the days go by to see if I am right. Like I said, I’ve got a semester of know-how.

That being said, this country is still divided as ever. Perhaps as much as it was in the 60’s (I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t alive. Yet between this and so many tensions flaring…it’s scary. Not too long ago we had protests for both Black Lives Matter and whatever that Tiki torch bullshit was. The crazy part is that this and the political climate craziness is everywhere. I mean I cannot go on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere without seeing something race-related or otherwise political. Social media is now the platform for which everything is visible immediately. Long gone are the days of waiting for the daily paper or the evening news. This poses a dangerous issue because it only tells me that racism and so many other “isms” haven’t changed, it’s just being filmed.

It makes me wonder about the backlash that Tommie Smith and the other 2 Olympic winners faced in 1968. Their careers done because of a moment protesting against racism, poverty and awful oppression that blacks faced then and sadly are facing now.


This protest much like Kaepernick’s has had the alt-right call these athletes unpatriotic or un-American, etc.

Kaepernick kneel

But how do you show patriotism to a country that enslaved, beat, killed and caused so much worse to your brothers and sisters abroad? As much as I love my country, I am equally not proud of it. Although a sporting event is probably not the best place to protest or be political, the sad problem is that racism in this country should no longer be ignored. That being said, honestly it doesn’t matter where we protest, blacks will always be scrutinized for taking a stand. Look at Dr. King after he made his famous speech about the Vietnam War… but like Tommie Smith said in an interview in 2008, “…We had to be seen because we couldn’t be heard.”

But this is the problem with this country. Why is a man kneeling or raising his fist more controversial than cops beating a man to death or shooting him or worse when kids are being attacked with dogs and fire hoses?

hosed down



Now I am not saying that all cops are bad or that all whites are bad but there is a fine line between effectively using “force” and brutality. Why are we in such a tizzy about one thing and blind to another? The above 3 photos are from the 60’s and below a lot more recent. Read here I feel about HOW BLACK LIVES MATTER? Makes you think how fucked up this country really is.

eric garner ny choke

ocar grant


I mean it’s funny, we call Colin (I’m sorry but I am getting tired of spell check with his last name) disrespectful & unpatriotic but we won’t speak out against what he is protesting for. Mind you a green beret was the one who told him to kneel as opposed to sitting! He also supported his Constitutional right to protest. Colin has also expressed his respect for the armed services. If kneeling is so disrespectful, why do soldiers kneel for the fallen or everyone else in prayer? And again, there is actually no law saying that we have to stand during the national anthem…in fact the Constitution says it’s unlawful to force people to do so.

That being said… if I have this straight, we protest Nike for a PR campaign about racial injustice but where was this concern in the 80’s and 90’s when they paid unfair wages and used child labor/sweat shops? Really?


Gotta love the “privilege” of saying there’s no racism but enjoy the benefits not being black…all of this often blows my mind. But again… This is America.

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Until later kiddies,


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No Means NO (A B*tch Blog)


So one day, I’m in the supermarket, minding my business and I notice this guy making the eyes… like literally staring me up and down in the produce section. I pay it no mind and make my way through the other aisles so I could hurry and get the heck out of there. Mind you it’s the first of the month and the store is rather crowded so I knew then and there that I would have to hurry it up if I wanted to see the remaining light of day. Well somewhere between the dairy section and the pet food, I see this dude, staring AGAIN. Now I am not really the confrontational type and honestly despite the fact that I wasn’t in the best of moods, I continued to ignore him. But I really just wanted to get out of the store at some point. What made matters worse was that eventually, I was going to have to stand in that long ass line at some point… especially behind the people who ignore shopping the other 28 days a month.

Anyway, I see the guy and at this point I gave him my best bitchy-go-away-I-have-acid-reflux-gas look. It didn’t work…and before I had the chance to approach him about his eye problem, he finally worked up the nerve to speak to me. He asked for my number but I wasn’t interested, so I gently and politely lied, saying that I was in a relationship. He was cool at first and then…


He fucked up!

He offered to be my “friend”. I responded that I was good and faithful to my “fake” boyfriend. The conversation continued with him pleading that it was cool, that he didn’t care and yadda yadda yadda.

Like seriously?


Even if I were to be interested, what in the bloody hell makes you think that I would now entertain what you were offering, which is non-commitment and cheating?

I almost snapped on the guy but instead I gave him the advice of seeking out a chick that didn’t care.

Queue in the next guy…of course another dickhead that decided that he was going to force himself into my phone contacts. Like the first guy, this asshole was insistent on getting my number to be a fuck-buddy. After me telling him the same thing as the other dude, he proceeded to get upset.

Like really?

He went from trying to get my number and impressing me, to not caring if I was involved with someone to straight trying to jump my bones right then and there. And what made this interaction so annoying was the fact that despite me not wanting to do ho shit, I immediately was still a ho! But as if that wasn’t enough… this jerk had the nerve to be in a relationship! I mean he had a whole girlfriend and said it to me like it meant nothing!


Go figure! If I’m being honest, I may flirt a bit but I ain’t a homewrecker…besides I’ve been on the other side of that fence.

Nope…not cool!

But these guys today… for real though? This is why a lot of girls literally ignore guys nowadays. This is pretty much why I’d rather be alone sometimes. I’m not saying all guys are like this but the fact I come across them more often than I’d like is saying something. (This is why I decided to work on finding and loving myself). What I attract says a lot about the city I reside in as well as myself and what I’m willing to tolerate.

Oh… ladies & gents don’t forget the guys in the DMs and social media inboxes.

These ones that get worked up on simple posts with nothing exposed but a smile despite scrolling through hordes of “models,” strippers, prostitutes, slutty chicks, women who want the attention or those who are paid to sell sex or be sexy or who want attention. But do they stop there? Oh noooo… they wait until they get to a chick that’s not up for it and when the thirst gets unbelievable…OMG, he proceeds to irk the shit out of her!

I don’t mind compliments on photos or posts on social media, it makes my day. And I can understand there will be guys that will I’m attractive. That’s totally fine.

However dudes, if a lady (yes a lady says no… Just let her be. Why does she have to be a bitch, a ho or any other name? Why disrespect her?

Even worse is when a girl gives a guy a chance to get to know her and he immediately assumes she wants to have sex!


We live in a society that if a female is doing okay for herself and a guy isn’t, his little ego can’t/won’t live up to the rest of him. Some guys really get in their feelings when a someone doesn’t want their goofy asses… and guess what? Yup you guessed it…we are all hoes despite not doing ho shit.

I wonder… Is getting rejected really that bad? Have we become that petty and sensitive? Is the idea of messing with a chick with no standards much like yourself not good enough? Is it fun to ruin some girl’s life? The some assholes have even proceeded to assault a female because they cannot fathom the fact that she doesn’t want his ass. I guess that’s that millennial shit I can’t understand or quite frankly tolerate.

However… Despite my inner feminist, us ladies have some self-evaluating to do.


I cannot help but say we must be accountable for this bullshit as well. One must play Devil’s advocate and ask where/when did our standards drop so low that we allowed this behavior to be okay? Not to mention raising our already fatherless boys to be all sensitive, sore losers. Then there’s Mr. Nice-Guy…the one with some standards that we either friend-zone or flat out defensively end up being mean to. Yet don’t let that one fool you either…

I won’t dwell on it… But like I said before…We gotta do better!

If a lady is interested…you’ll know, fellas. And ladies…stop letting these fuck boys do not okay stuff!

Til next time,


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Avengers Infinity War: An Insomniac Review (spoiler free)

DIW review

After seeing an early screening of Infinity War Thursday afternoon/evening, I was on the wire about doing a review about it because it was tough as is without revealing spoilers.  Not to mentioned that both my daughter and I were actually speechless in addition to me being tired as all hell.  There were so many things that this movie contained (I will discuss that further) and at the same time, there were things that kinda forced me to look back at the last 10 years of Marvel flicks.  That’s one crazy as buildup and in addition to all of that, I was stuck thinking to myself how the hell do I give you my opinion without spoiling anything for you?  Here goes…


First of all, if both the Justice League and Thor Ragnarok have taught me anything, it’s fuck the trailers.  Don’t get me wrong they built up expectations and amped me up…so job well done.  But what I’ve noticed is that there is something called post-productions edits or something.  I will accept that without a problem because I know shit changes, gets deleted or added.  Also fine.  I also accept that trailers are only to give you a taste of what’s to come. Also accepted!

But what I hate is that with technology, things get completely changed when you finally sit your ass in the chair in the theater and sometimes changed again when it goes on demand/video.  So what I don’t like to sum it up…is to be fucking lied to. I know it sounds harsh.  But that’s cheating.  Anyway, that’s all I am gonna say about that. Yes, I loved Infinity War trailers and TV spots but those sneaky bastards had me for a second yesterday.
Ok, I got that off of my chest.  Other things that bugged me a bit but I understand was the beginning, after the traditional action-y sequence “Avengers” title card popped up, was that after the 20 minutes into the film was the when the wheels started spinning.  And I say that because this flick pretty much did not waste any time at all. However there was a part of me thinking that it felt crammed all in.  I mean I understand that it’s a decade worth of movie characters plopped together as well as plots that all had to be blended up and worked into this movie itself.  Yet this movie literally gave me no “bathroom break” moments or time to fumble around with the nachos and cheese contraptions.

My eyes were glues to that screen and needless to say, my drink was pretty much untouched once I remembered how long that movie was.  All that being said, Infinity Wars at times felt rushed and agonizing at the same damn time.  Like I am sitting there thinking and hoping when this person was going to link up with that person but also wondering why did they pan away from a particular situation too.  So there was a lot of back and forth.  Also some to the characters didn’t give me the same feelings as they did in prior settings…despite being played by the same people.

But yet none of this took away from the film.  It was a spectacular film.  Considering most of the MCU flicks have had different directors and writers, it’s expected to see them be slightly different.  Thor is a great example of this especially if you judge him by Ragnorok & the first Thor movie and previous Avengers flicks.  Another thing I will point out is that in this flick, and unlike the other films, the stakes are much much higher.  I sat there thinking the whole time… “DAMN…it’s going down now!”
bad boys shit real
The acting and direction (Kudos Russo Bros) did not give me this feeling for no reason.  So the feeling of “blink and you’ll miss it” is forgiven because this isn’t your typical Marvel flick or comic book adaption or even fantasy action movie…the characters on screen know it and you will too.  That my friends is primarily due to Thanos himself.  There is no fucking around with this guy.  Major big ups to Josh Brolin who I’ve adored for a while now (even in MIB 3…lol).  I guess you got it from your daddy!!

Anyways, Thanos is the type of villain I have been waiting for since seeing my first ever comic book flick.  He is not to be played with, he is not wasting time either.  He has a mission and he intends on getting it done…even if it means he knows that his lackeys (as they always do… will fail)  – remember both Avengers movie endings? While Thanos in my opinion never was the standout villain, he is definitely formidable.  And you will see why it’ll take all Avengers heroes to bring him down.  And while he looks like Darkseid and is probably just as powerful….he is not like DC villain.

Thanos does what very few villains do in this movie and each of the heroes know it.  What I also dig about Brolin is that he brings some serious depth to Thanos.  Something that I haven’t seen in the comics or animated movies.  He is more than just a greedy/world dominating/destroying cliche villain.  He has some conflict and you can honestly feel it.  He knows what he has to do and despite not wanting to, he sets out on a mission.  He is not tempted by greed, corrupted the thought of absolute power alone or blinded by rage/love…even if he is in the comics.  The crazy thing is that he feels what his is doing is right. (and on some twisted way, he does have somewhat of a point).

I just wish that his intensity on screen was matched by our heroes.  Not saying that the acting was bad by Iron Man, Captain and crew… I am just saying that Thanos stole each scene…well most of them.  When this dude stepped on the scene, it was like watching a Jason flick…You knew one thing and that was he wasn’t half-stepping or playing games.

Despite all of that…this movie had me laughing.  It had the humor you would expect from a Marvel movie.  it had some emotion and heart at the same time.  The feelings you’ve grown to cultivate over the years and the love you’ve had for these characters is there. So expect shockers, twists and turns as well as some cameos.  But just keep in mind this is kinda like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and those annoyingly addictive Twilight movies…  there is more to come next year from the next Avengers Infinity War flick.  Also keep in mind, while it takes characters and elements from previous MCU movies, it is its own baby here.  So while you may want more and you won’t want to get up for a while until you process everything…do those ticket-holders waiting to see the next show a favor…just keep it moving!

You can clap, cry, laugh, cheer…hell you can even kick and scream real quick!

…just hurry and get up because those ushers have shit to do.  Just keep in mind, it may feel like Infinity War is the end-all-be-all but there are more MCU movies to come.

My opinon is while you don’t have to watch every MCU flick to be caught up… I would advise it. Especially the last few releases and the Avengers flicks.
the mcu

My vote on Avengers: Infinity War… It was Awesome!
it's awesome

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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My Top 9 MCU Movies on the MARVELous road to Infinity War

DIW review

As promised, here is part 2 of my Marvel (MCU) comic book-to-movie adaptations.  These 9 flicks are my top picks and favs.  I ignored things like box office dollars and ticket/video sales, because let’s face it…people will pay to see them regardless. So no they  are NOT in chronological order and no they are not in order of critical success either…just mine!

That being said I wanted to have this out by the time Avengers released but life happened and I had to literally edit everything on my phone.

My Picks…
9. Iron Man 2
8. Spider-Man: Homecoming
7. Ant-Man
6. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. ?????
4. ?????
3. ?????
2. ?????
1. ?????

Are you excited to see the Avengers movie, what comic book flicks have tickled your fancy?  Have you seen it already?  What did you think?

Stay tuned for my spoiler free quickie of Avengers Infinity War later!!

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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“My MARVELous Countdown & Lookback at the MCU!

As promised, here is my first half of the Marvel (MCU) comic book-to-movie adaptations.  These 9 flicks are the not necessarily the worst (because I don’t really have any) but they are my least favorite half. In other words these are NOT in chronological order!

The second video to come will be the top enchilada of the MCU!!!

Are you excited to see the Avengers movie, what comic book flicks have tickled your fancy?

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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The MARVELous Road To Infinity War

DIW review

For any of you living under a fucking rock… there has been the plethora of comic book flicks that has been leading up to this epic showdown of showdowns, The Avengers. Some of you may just see it as a simple cash cow… But for the rest of us who just may be what you call comic-book-fans, this is epic & short of fucking awesome! Don’t judge us, those who you call freaks and geeks. The Whedon Avengers (part 1) blew me away. And this…will be the same! As much as I wanted to like Age of Ultron…for me is was meh… Although James Spader was da bomb… (Yes I’m old) 😂


But for those of you scratching your head, I am taking none other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For all of us as kids who watched Saturday morning cartoons or read a comic book, seeing our fav shit come to life on screen is without a doubt amazing. From the black and white days of Superman up to now, people love to see works of art come to life. And I am sorry, some of the things that Stan Lee and company have done are pretty much this age’s Renaissance. Even video games, despite a failure to launch well (except Mortal Kombat & to some extent, Resident Evil) have been brought to the big screen.

That being said, I will be talking about my fav comics-turned-movies as we countdown to Part 1 of the ultimate showdown: Avengers: Infinity War. Be warned since I am still playing with the vlog thing, this won’t my typical rant/rave review blog post but in preparation to one of the most anticipated comic book flicks…In fact for the next few posts that are reviews…I ‘m pretty much gonna wing it…so stay tuned!


I will try to keep it short & post all MCU movies leading up to the release of Infinity War in order of release but showcasing my own favoritism. LOL! Hell there’s like damn near 20 movies already released, not including the TV shows so I will NOT be reviewing them all individually.

the mcu

And although, they are pretty much separated from the actual movies, I will moonlight a little about the TV shows on the side. This was something I wanted to do with DC comics, movies and shows but didn’t have the time to…besides I did a review of the actual Justice League movie with my comic-book-partner-in-crime, (my kid)…which you can check out here. Oh and if you haven’t been on my YouTube channel, which I promise to give regular love to…here is your chance to like, comment & subscribe.

dr evil

Are you excited to see the Avengers movie, what comic book flicks have tickled your fancy?

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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Let Go…


I wrote this a little while back after ending a relationship with someone.  I left it in my drafts because I refused to breathe any air into the situation I was getting over.  But then I thought about that confused girl torn between someone she’d given her world to and the possibility of actually being happy.

Dear You,

Time to let it all go, the good, the bad, the ugly & the cutesy. Time to move on.  I know that is hard but I have to wipe the slate complexly clean before I can do anything else.  Screw closure. Screw holding on… It’s more of a detriment and no benefit was worth what I endured.  I know now that by staying I am only saying that I accept the unacceptable; I am ok settling for less than what I need or deserve.  It’s ok to walk away knowing you didn’t win but when you think about it, what was the prize anyhow?

No one who wants to hurt will continue hurting you. Fuck the honeymoon phase where you will only be subjected to mental anguish later. It’s one thing to revel in makeup shenanigans…but this is crazy! Fuck it even if you don’t find the best of what you had in something new. Trust yourself that ANYTHING is better than what you had. Fuck trying to settle and diminishing your worth for someone who doesn’t think it’s worth being loyal in the first place. If they cared…you wouldn’t be having this epiphany.  You may have troubles here and there. You may feel lonely and cold in your bed but is it worth feeling hurt in your heart and soul?

Trust in knowing that if a person loves you they do not make decisions to hurt you in any form.  There are no accidents in cheating or abuse… A real friend or significant other shows you both who they are and what you mean to them. PERIOD. If someone truly loves you and wants you to be happy, they don’t go doing the things that result in the opposite of your happiness or love. A person will put effort into the things that matter to them be it money, love, success, fame, etc.

So when you hear that little voice telling you to listen to the cries of a person who is guilty but not actually remorseful for what they did to you…remember these tidbits from me and a fellow blogger friend…

[Will he cheat again? Absolutely! He’s already established that she’s (you) not worth being loyal to. When a man shows you who he is, BELIEVE him. Will he try to make it up to her? Absolutely! However, that’s his guilt talking and not his character. It is not in a cheater’s character to be loyal.

 If you are married to a cheater, ask yourself, “What am I doing here? You didn’t get married to be cheated on. Did you? You deserve better. Don’t you? If/when you find, out, don’t go looking for a marriage counselor, there’s nothing wrong with you. HE needs counseling. What you need is a divorce attorney. When a husband cheats, he doesn’t need to fix his marriage, he needs to fix his character. And this is not something you can help him with. He’s already grown…]

Click here to read the full blog

In your case there is nothing holding you back except emotions and the idea of escaping other annoying bullshit in your life. If you waste your time choosing a good time over a good person, you’re gonna have a bad time. Don’t let what you envision in a person be a distraction from who they really are. Besides sometimes holding on is more detrimental than letting go.

You may have not had the happy ending that you wanted but this isn’t the end of the book as far as you know…it’s just another chapter! Take what you learned and move on. We always think we need closure to move on but we don’t…not always. Fuck that needing to know why it happen and accept that it did… A fool is a man who learns not from his mistakes but who repeats them.

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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