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Be unapologetically you.
Be uncompromised.
Be understanding.
But Be who you were meant to be.

Do not bend your spine in any way that it was not meant to bend.
Do not allow others to devour your spirit.
Do not spare & dissect your happiness or beliefs.
But do unto others as you would like done unto you.

Be Awesome.
Be Amazing.
Be An inspiration
Be Unapologetically You.

Shalom… 😉

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Now if you’re not caught up with Game of Thrones be advised…

Well it would appear that my new Sunday addiction is Game of Thrones.  Now I have liked the show for a few years now but lack of cable or good streaming kept me at bay not to mention so much else.

Anyway I spent several weeks streaming and binging to catch up to season 6 premier only to find out my favorite character Jon Snow was still very much dead!
game of thrones jon snow diesgame of thrones jon snow dead.jpg

Well that was until last week’s edge of your seat episode. Here’s a pretty much my reaction!

Was I shocked and surprised? No… Why because there was there was just too much hype convincing us he was dead unlike so many other GoT characters. I mean so many folks have come and gone despite our cries and cheers (ahem Joffrey)! And yet there was a host of protest everywhere! Now that Snow is back and abroad… Why lies ahead for the rush to the Iron Throne?

What will he do? Where he go? Maybe a vacation somewhere nice and sunny like Meeren, perhaps! Not to mention his siblings separated and whatnot! Anywho…needless to say I’m hooked to this show and if you’re not, get on board!

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom… 😉

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I’ve had a hole in my heart ever since my grandpa died…it got bigger when my grandma passed too. Sometimes I feel more lonely even around people more than I’ve felt in a while… Not knowing how to fill this void makes me so sick. I hate being sad. I had being pissed off or getting pissed off over shit that would’ve barely make me flinch. I hate that I can’t control it. I hate that I don’t feel loved like I was when they were around. I don’t know how to express this rage or whatever it is boiling deep within. I hate that I don’t know how or when to let it out. I hate that I really don’t have the love my grandparents had for each other in my own life. I hate that I’m lost between mourning their memory/legacy & disgracing it.

I feel trapped.

I’m stuck in a series of maneuvers & habits that pass or waste my time instead of enthrall it. I’m luck Bill Murray in Groundhog day… Everyday I wake up, walk the dog, go to work, workout, watch TV & go to bed…all to do again the next day. It all feels meaningless. Often pointless!!! A few interactions here, a few highlights there… But overall nothing more, never more. I’m one bad day away from a regret I can never take back. I don’t want to be miserable… I just want to feel something other than this. Besides misery loves company & who am I to drag another soul into this abyss? I just to smile knowing that there’s a reason for it. I know that my grandparents would want nothing less. I don’t want to squander these days I have left on this planet… I simply want to embrace them again like I did as a child.

Hope for the future is there… I just want to find my way again.


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Mid-life Crisis: Guess What? You’re Not in Your 20s Anymore!


Graduation day: Four years of high school & memories made! All the drama & adolescent fun now behind you, your eyes set on a myriad of future possibilities, the world is your oyster and you’re ready to take it on full speed ahead! For some folks it’s a dreams come true.
For the rest of us…well…
Fast forward 20 years!!


Here you are sitting at a job you most likely despise to pay bills & buy shit you don’t need for assholes you probably don’t like! Or worst you tried to live your dream & either some stupid mistakes impaled it or your screwed up somewhere. You may be broke or even incarcerated. Maybe it was society? Maybe it was a series if bad decisions. Perhaps peer pressure or just the fucked up possibility that shit just happens!

Either way you’ve come to the realization that your life has passed you by & if you’re lucky it added on about 20 lbs. or so to boot. You’ve maybe even tried to smarten up & save money for a rainy day or special moment. But if life has taught you anything, it’s that you’re caught in a constant shit storm with no umbrella! 💩☔

Cue in mid-life crisis!

It’s that perpetual rat race where you know your strides are longer than everyone else’s & though your legs seem to be longer or moving quicker than most, face it you’re going nowhere & fast!
Things started so well & promising. Shit things may have even faired well for a while but the possibility of poor choices fucked it up for you.
Quite simply you’re unhappy. Everyone else seems to be winning but you. It’s ok though, it gets better. There’s always chocolate cake & ice cream day in the nursing home in about another 40 years or so from now!

What the hell went wrong? Life was so promising!

But there’s hope! The race isn’t over. You still got gas in the tank & there’s life in you yet. Behold there is a God and there is a solution out there somewhere. You just need that proverbial push of motivation to get you back on track.

The way I see it is that your mistakes, setbacks & poor choices or lack thereof (procrastination) have molded you into a much wiser adversary. Now you’re more equipped to deal with life better than the “20-something version of you. You know well the consequences of right & wrong. Hopefully these days you’re the type of person who learns from mistakes instead of dwelling on them or even worse…repeating them. Either way life isn’t over neither is the fight! You’re Rocky after fighting Apollo Creed!

rocky1rocky face

Sure you lost the match but you’re a winner for trying and the fight is far from over…besides you kick ass in the sequel (wink wink) LOL.

rocky  art museum

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom 😉

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Deadpool (review)


Hello there fans… I know long time no see! I apologize for the absence, which was more extended than I wanted. But at least I could come back on the topic of some shit I very well love: movies and well Ryan Reynolds! 🙂

So after anticipating and borderline craving, I finally feasted my eyes on Deadpool the movie! 👍

And while yes this blog is a day (er…week) or 2 late, it is with much pleasure that after seeing it twice… your girl is satisfied. You have your Marvel super/anti hero antics, humor, gore, good plot and Ryan naked! I nearly wore a diaper in fear I’d piss myself in shear excitement.

I won’t give up much for those of you living under a rock who haven’t seen it but I will say this, this movie is not without it’s “wall breaking” tummy hurting chuckles. I won’t lie, I love comics but I won’t go so far to say I am a comic geek but for those folks I know who are, after speaking with them, they too were not let down.

And to be honest I could care less if they were…why?

Because Ryan is fucking NAKED!!!! Ok I know I said that already… but I give you a tidbit!


Ok our  lovable Deadpool aka Ryan has just survived an explosion (that he caused trying to escape this torture chamber that looks like a glass coffin, which suffocates him.  He then fights against (another well built sir), the antagonist Francis aka Ajax (Ed Skrein from the Transporter reboot/sequel & Vikings).
Ed-Skrein-Ajax Deadpool

The entire building engulfed in flames, as fate would have it his clothes catch on fire. And so he rips them off, his eyes set on revenge on Ajax. Nonetheless Ryan, er Deadpool (who at this point is still technically Wade Wilson) is totally fucking naked. Despite being scarred all over (resulting from his cancer that mutated all over his skin from the Weapon-X experiment & possibly the fire). Anywho, The fight goes on for a bit while the fire spreads all over the place. And after being knocked down briefly, there it is!! I mean it’s not all in your face so don’t picture Boogie Nights in fact it’s a shadow or silhouette if you will but if you’re looking for it like I was (especially the 2nd time I saw this flick), you can see Ryan Reynolds’s penis.

I’m not sure about you but seeing 2 well built guys fight damn naked in a fire is my idea of a wet dream… HAHAHA!

I am so glad that this was one of those films not spoiled (by that I mean ruined) by not-know-it-all producers and money whores who wanted to water down Deadpool with a PG rating.  If you are familiar with this crazy ass comic character, you’ll know he is no role model superhero. He is bound to say or do anything, he is “bat-shit” crazy and hilarious. Check him out in the videogame, comics or better animated movies (Hulk vs. Wolverine is probably best) before you get mad or offended by the content. I mean Deadpool a family flick…HELL NO! 3102119-deadpool2_zps0ebaadcb

Let me tell you something, this country is chocked full of parents who will expose (or at the very least ignore) their kids to viewing inappropriate shit… such as gore and nudity in movies. This world is going to hell anyway, censoring movies (or TV) won’t halt that. Not so much as telling parents that their kids can’t pray publicly or be beaten with a belt.

Let me stop there before I go off topic…lol! That’s for another blog! I swear I wasn’t a full teen when I saw my first unedited Jason flick

Anywho, I loved this movie with all it’s slapstick humor, boobs, ass, profanity, violence and last but not least gore. If you want Spiderman or something kid friendly, this may not be for you but if you truly love Deadpool go on and grab about 40 bucks and blow it on this movie plus concessions. You will definitely be happy with this guy
(and no not that questionable one version from Wolverine),
not cool deadpool

Needless to say, I will be buying the Blu-ray in addition to already seeing this multiple times in the theatre.

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom & See You at the movies… 😉

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American Horror Story:Hotel (review)

**As with most reviews, this post may contain spoilers**

I can’t be the only one who looked up the “She Wants Revenge” tune, “Tear You Apart” after watching the American Horror Story: Hotel season 5 premiere…I mean it’s been weeks & I am still in love with this song (in case you’re wondering I’ve attached the actual video and not the infamous sex scene it was very much apart of). How bizarre, this song is quite a few years old and if you’re like me… you’ve probably added to the few extra million views on YouTube.

Anywho, my review is for as I mentioned season 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel

Episode 1 started out with such a horribly, sexually charged yet awesome bang…that I recall my jaw being dropped to the floor as I watched. It was the 1st time in a long time that I actually wanted to keep watching but turn my eyes away all at the dawn damn time!

If you’re wondering why… Well in 4 words I can explain the most bizarre of all the WTF moments in this show: Weirdo Dude with the Metal Spike… Ok that’s technically 6 but who counting ‘with’ & ‘the’ anyhow?

Which brings me to our main antagonist, Lady Gaga who has me like 😍😍. lady-gaga-american-horror-storyShe is fierce as the Countess. I’m usually cautioned when singers act but Lady Gaga in my opinion fits right in with the weirdo-gory-sexy-craziness of this show! AHS:HOTEL is awesome so far but I won’t lie, I am equally disgusted & confused as I am entertained & turned on…lol.

I am experiencing the same feel that I got seasons prior but with a whole new storyline. (except 3…still not super crazy about Coven, I mean I liked it but it’s not the best AHS season). So far it’s gooooodddd…

All the other characters are amazing too! I mean I would definitely be attached to the arm to “Liz Taylor” the cross dressing, not gay hotel attendant…believe it or not he’s probably the most balanced character there! I don’t even trust that cop guy, to be honest.

Returning are 2 of my favs… The ageless & beautiful Angela Bassett. angela-basset american-horror-story-hotel

She has this blood vendetta with Gaga (despite the fact that they had such “good times” together…LOL)! She is one of my favorite actresses in the business to begin with…not to mention she is beautiful inside & out… My goal in life is to look like her at that age!

And then there’s Kathy Bates. kathy bates
I don’t care what emotionally fucked up character she plays… I love her! I have admired her since she brought to life the infamous Nurse Annie Wilkes from Misery (the Stephen King book/movie) If you haven’t seen it…RENT IT! You will have a new found respect for sledge hammers. HAHA

Even those creepy vampire kids in the hotel who kinda remind me of the Village of the Damned…nice touch to the story line. But one must wonder what kind of damage will it have on anyone stuck as a kid forever. (Hint Claudia in the Interview With The Vampire).

Oh & PLOT TWIST!!!!! Those junior high kids!!! OMG!!! It turned into a regular Vampire High real quick! Just waiting to see if that creepy “spike” guy thing will be making a reappearance.

Lastly you have the “infamous” James Patrick March played by the adorable Evan Peters. Evan-Peters
He diabolically delicious & frightening at the same time. His hotel although classically designed is all types of crazy. I mean windowless rooms that have doors, some of which that unlock only from the outside, hidden chutes used to hide victims & torture rooms. I don’t know if the creators have admitted it but this season’s theme does play some serious homage to H.H. Holmes.

Although his hotel wasn’t in LA & this psycho was caught & executed here in Philly but the small character similarities are still uncannily awesome especially pertaining to how this crazy ass hotel is. If you have no clue who this maniac was, He was pretty much the country’s 1st serial killer and who made profit from it back in the 1800’s.

Attention Class, Here is a brief History lesson:

Besides it’s only fair since they paid homage to some of history’s famous serial killers this season. Names such as Eileen Wournos, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez & even the uncaught Zodiac Killer. I look forward to seeing what other plots will unravel. However one thing plagues me… what the hell is up with that little girl, you know the cop’s daughter? Her parents are so hell bent on the son, Holden (who the Countess kidnapped) but that little girl is the one who’s neglected the most. If anyone is damaged by the end of the season…it’ll be her.

As always there is so much going on with this show… And could the sex scenes be more hot/graphic….Shit is this Cinemax? HAHAHA

I love it!

Needless to say I can never wait to check into the Hotel Cortez each & every Wednesday night!

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom & See you in room 64… 😉

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Eat, Pray, Love (er…Workout)


Ok if you’re like me… You probably wonder why you have issues losing or controlling your weight. Despite efforts at the gym… Good health is more than just cardio & weights, it’s a lifestyle change that needs to be hit on various fronts!
weight on the scary scale

This is because your body has to fight more than calories, saturated fats & complex carbs; you also have to fend off toxins.

What are these toxins I’m talking about?

Your body is filled with cancer causing toxins that must be removed. These cancer causing devils can come from food/beverages we take in as well as the environment down to chemicals that are used to clean our homes and manufacture our food. Shit they are even in the air we breathe Even less tangible factors such as stress can be a detriment to us.
venom spiderman

Here are some symptoms that may indicate you could be suffering from an overload of toxins! If that’s the case…then it’s time to detox!

craving sweet donut 1. Craving sugar or binge eating/drinking. Ok I’m not saying you can’t have a cheat-treat every now & again…hell I love my chocolate! But if you find yourself relying on sugary snacks all the time or just to get through the day, your body is not producing energy the way it should. You can boost your metabolism by cleaning out the liver.
Bloated-belly-from-periods 2. Bloating with gas or fluid retention. If you find yourself having to loosen your jeans all the time, unhealthy bacteria could be the culprit… That mess causes the gas to flux & thrive in a toxic body. If you’re retaining water, it’s because your organs in your body are trying to kick out all of the crap inside! It does it’s due diligence to dilute toxins in an effort to make their effects less harmful.
exhausted-woman fatigue 3. Fatigue, low energy & difficulty concentrating. If you find yourself always in Starbucks paying for over priced lattes & not because the cashier working the coffee-machine-thingy is hot 😉… Then chances are toxins are weighing your body down…LITERALLY! Coffee, sodas, & energy drinks can actually add to your body’s toxicity! Your ass needs to clear out all that shit out of your body (no pun intended). The most invigorating drink you can give yourself is WATER.
mood swing pms 4. Mood swings & anxiety. If you’re being a complete bitch & flying off the handle for no reason, chances it could be more than PMS! Serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter, is made in our stomach. So when our bodies are toxic, serotonin production often decreases, allowing other parasitic toxins such as ammonia to take over. This can cause anxiety & even depression.
woman holding her head in her hands 5. Migraines. If you’re constantly suffering from migraines & headaches… It could be that toxins, parasites & even jacked up alkaline levels irritating the central nervous system. Stress overload can cause insulin & blood pressure spikes, which can be correlated to toxic build up.
Despite us “feeling” like we are individually different, each human is pretty much the same. We were designed with a purpose, meaning our internal workings respond to all things in a very specific way. Despite us acting stupid on impulses, instinctively we are very smart. Our bodies do their best to process toxins through our liver, kidneys, lungs, & skin. But with the overwhelming amount of toxins in the world, it can put your organs into serious OT! Making healthy choices will not only take stress off of our digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, but will aid in removing this toxic build up.
Here are some tips to help us all get rid of toxins.
woman-eating-salad-healthy 1. EAT Whole, Nutrient-Dense Foods at least 80% of the time. It’s ok to indulge sometimes & have those cheat-treats but not everyday. Put down that donut & grab a damn apple!
Sweat_Workout 2. SWEAT at the gym or home. Get moving with more exercise. I can never stress how important working out is. It is the perfect date to good eating. Also sweating at the sauna is excellent for releasing toxins too.
greener smoothie 3. DRINK Organic Raw Green Juice Or Smoothies Everyday. They not only push toxins out of your fat stores, but to provide an abundance of enzymes, vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals. And not to be cheap here but I recommend making your own. Those bottled brands are cool on the go & the smoothie trucks are ok. But hidden within those supposedly healthy options are an insane amount of sugar & even corn syrup.
lemon detox water 4. START Your Day With Water & Lemon. Instead of coffee, lemon water can keep your body alkaline, loosen toxins in the digestive track, stimulate the liver and boost the immune system. Besides water is the best beverage you can put inside of you. If you feat damage to the enamel of your teeth, then the plain stuff will do. Water, although it sounds counterproductive, actually aides in fluid retention & bloating by helping your body flush the toxins that cause it the 1st place.
meditation 5. MEDITATE during some quiet time. This is probably one of the least talked about detox functions. Whether it’s prayer, time alone in a quiet spa or even a quiet chat with a therapist. Removing stress by a detox to your spirit/chi releases all those bad vibes by calming your soul & realigning your cognitive thinking. Trust me, it’ll help alleviate cardiovascular, sexual, mental & gastrointestinal issues. If we would recharge our bodies like we do our phone batteries, we would be A-ok!
Well I am off to take my own advice & get my mind right again. 😜😄.
If you would like to get help putting together a raw food detox food plan, check out The Best of Raw Foods. They have an orgy of useful tools to get you started on eating right. No matter if you’re changing your diet permanently or doing a weekly/monthly detox.
Until next time kiddies,

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