When I Say NO, It’s Like I Never Said YES (A B*tch Blog)

You know why people like Donald Trump seem to have everything yet not have a care in the world? It’s because despite what others do/say they will still do whatever they want.  You are feeble to them and that is the way it is…

mood swing pms

I don’t have many material items in this world. But the things that I do possess or pay to maintain are done so as a result of my hard work & efforts. Despite my complaints here & there or even this little voice that says be more selfish, I share my so-called “wealth” because I can’t take any of it with me when I die. But fuck all of that, (in my Samuel L. Jackson yelling voice) I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IGNORANT, NONCHALANT, IRRESPONSIBLE, MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE WHO BULLY OR SWEET TALK/BAIT ME INTO SHARING THE SAME SHIT  I YOU CAN EASILY ATTAIN FOR YOURSELF. I AM SOOOOO SICK OF YOU NOT GIVING 2 FUCKS ABOUT THE THINGS THAT BELONG TO ME! There is no rule book that says I have to do anything with ANYTHING that is MINE! I don’t have to share… and I don’t care if no one shares with me. Fuck, I can even be Petty with mines. It is not my problem if I have what the next person doesn’t because the way I see it, is that nobody cares the other way around. I don’t bust my ass to attain nice things for me & my child for someone else to abuse or tear up because they themselves don’t have it. I’m tired of being nice, I’m tired of giving a shit about people’s pansy-ass, sensitive bullshit feelings! I’m tired of individuals who have the audacity to feel some type of way when I voice my concerns or complaints about my shit. And I’m certainly tired of people assuming I have to do or give! Doesn’t matter what you do or did for me in the past present or future… I don’t have to care or share… I FUCKING CHOOSE TO.

But that’s not even the half of it, if I voice my concern or frustration… I immediately become the unreasonable bitch or bad guy… Well to that I have only 2 things to say: O & K!

If you have an issue with the new me, oh well, OK!

If I offend you or if I appear to be unapproachable or even hostile, OK!

PS. If you don’t like what I say or post, guess what you can unfriend, unfollow, block or delete yourself… Online or otherwise!

Oh and this isn’t some sly, pronoun game where I secretly take jabs & say shit about certain people on the low without naming names… Because this applies to EVERYONE! Including any of you who took the time to read all this shit! ✌️

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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DUMBASS OF THE DAY: Microsoft & Xbox

And the Red Forman Award of the Day goes to… Microsoft and/or Xbox!



I wasn’t pleased to see buried within all my emails a nasty little message from Microsoft that they were trimming the storage fat on their “cloud” servers. Yep OneDrive was reducing my space from like 30GB to 5GB. That’s right…FUCKING 5 GIGS. That’s the equivalent of my PC back in 95-96. That included discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus that I had for automatically storing photos & vids from my Windows Phone.  As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough. My Windows 8 device was starting to suck a little bit more as the tech monster company rolled out another version of their phone OS, Windows 10 to keep up the PC rollout version of Windows 10 not too long ago, which has come with nothing but headaches.

meme-faces-getting mad
ME as I read, “The Email”
As a result of these changes, you will be over your storage limit (visit the Storage page to check your account). If you don’t bring your OneDrive content under the new limits in the next 14 days, your account will become read only – you’ll be able to access your content, but not upload files. If you do not take action in one year, your content may be deleted. You can learn more at our FAQ.


As for the rollout for my PC, after a few months I found out that my apps on my primary administrative profile stopped working. I tried numerous, useless fixes but after awhile, the store, calendar, calculator, email, picture viewer, music, & movies player were unable to be opened.  Well I found a way around it by adding another Outlook account to my PC & making that the admin. But it wasn’t without learning that all of the other accounts on my PC would suffer from minor glitches after trying to Google & YouTube any type of fix I could find.  Eventually I settled on having 2 admin accounts to serve me as one.



Oh and regarding my phone, turns out that when they pushed Windows phone 10, they pushed developers to move all the cool apps there & as of yet failed to update all the other devices (even the ones just released right before the new software) I am guessing that both Windows 8 & 10 required double the work to support or something techy.  Not to mention they barely integrated the use of SD cards in the newer phones, although they now require them, so my phone crashes nearly everyday.  To add injury to insult, several apps refused to update to the new platform whilst others simply decided to pull out from the Microsoft store altogether. So while my phone of barely a year runs shitty apps like Instagram BETA, (yes BETA) I now run the risk of losing all of my precious vids & pics by moving them to my PC because my SD card & phone have inner turmoil… It’s either that or have the MS OS douchebags liquidate my account for I am assuming I will be violating terms by not removing nearly 15 gigs of what I have stored now??


So normally what I do in times of stress since I can’t reach for a pack of Marlboros anymore, I workout! It’s healthy & good for me when I have the writer’s block.  So a few weeks ago I turn on the good ol’ Xbox One & find out about 2 weeks ago that Xbox was terminating Xbox Fitness.  In order to keep up with Sony PS4, they previously started selling the console & Kinect separately instead of in a bundle (this too unbeknownst to me) because apparently this happened right around the time I bought this expensive shit! Looking back, I was soooo happy & impressed with my weight loss from the 360 intertwined with my other workouts, that I decided as a gamer & fitness freak, I would get the ever so awesome & hyped up Xbox One. I played it Best Buy & Game stop and so my mind was set! Forget the PS4… I was going for the Xbox to try out the new fitness stuff.

Xbox Fitness debuted with Microsoft’s Xbox One & allowed gamers to download workouts so they can exercise from the comfort of their living room.  Since arriving in 2013, you were able to make a one-time purchase of the various workouts like Beachbody, Jillian Michaels, Sean T, P90X, Tai CHi, & Yoga and have access to the content indefinitely. No gym needed! An added bonus for paid Live members was that you could get free workouts.  But to my dismay, I found out that the Kinect sitting right above would be as good as a paperweight.


All workout content will officially be discontinued on July 1st, 2017. Those who have already paid will have access until then you won’t be able to make any fitness purchases from here on out.

According to Microsoft’s Marketing Coordinator and Community Manager for Xbox Fitness, Erica Bell, wrote, “Given the service relies on providing you with new and exciting content regularly, Microsoft has given much consideration to the reality updating the service regularly in order to sustain it. Therefore, the decision has been made to scale back our support for Xbox Fitness over the next year.”

Apparently, it’s too fucking complicated to keep up with the fitness needs of their consumers.  This DUMBASS must not know how booming the fitness industry is.  I still have DVDs I workout to & it’s faired great for me..  I don’t do the same workout anyway, so leaving a few fitness apps around until some revives the Kinect is the least they can do.  Although I gained some weight back being a desk jockey, I originally lost over 50lbs.  This below was me on diet & Xbox workouts alone on my 360, which I will be turning back to obviously. As you can see, I shed 15 lbs. in less than 2 months!

Weight Loss Journey 1st week

Just goes as a harsh reminder that you don’t actually “own” any fucking digital content bought from the Xbox store that’s not in your fucking hand. Case in point, songs I bought from Microsoft prior to change to Xbox Music to Groove or whatever the fuck, got lost in the madness. Claiming they no longer had access to those “albums” & they needed to be repurchased if not previously downloaded.

Fuck that shit! I got mp3skull! I am not paying for anything twice over!

Nonetheless, I recently saw that Xbox tried to put Band-Aids on their bullet wounds, as they released new workouts for free to use until next year. They even intend to offer so-called exchange-like refunds to us, “the sheep” in the form of Microsoft & Xbox store credit… good for about a year!

omg rage-thing


It’s no wonder Bill Gates originally hated the idea of a gaming console when they pitched the Xbox idea a few years back. However given the success of the gaming industry, he caved & offered full support.

Can you say ca-Ching? What’s even more insane is that Mr. Gates gave Xbox some autonomy from Microsoft as it’s own little entity.  Yeah equipped with CEOs & the whole nine. I guess giving them room to make Xbox cheaper than PS4… with it’s fairly ok game selection.

So now what?

What would have been better is to just make one OS to take on both desktop and gaming at the same time. They should’ve fully fused their phones & tables to create an unstoppable force of nature. Leave third party members to building hardware for desktop, workstations, living room and of course allow the nerds to do they’re own custom techy tech. Microsoft has all the tools to dominate Apple and Sony, but they don’t know what they’re doing and Bill Gates got duped from the giddy-yup. Instead dominating fucking Skynet-style, we got all these stupid entities within an entity. If Xbox and Windows unified Microsoft would be a lot stronger and a lot the non-sense could be easily avoided.

Well I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. Machines will never take over the world & exterminate us Terminator-style nor will they imprison us Matrix-style. Especially if we gotta wait for someone to be smart enough to be dumb enough to create an self-aware/self-sustaining A.I.

Neo is not impressed

Bill Gates you seriously need to get your subordinates & affiliates in order!!! This is why Android, Google, Apple & Sony to name a few are winning!

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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Bucket List left undone


un·fin·ished – [ˌənˈfiniSHt]


  1. not finished or concluded; incomplete.

Looking through a few video games and sadly I have yet to finish more than half of them. Not only on my Xbox one but my 360.. Not sure if it’s my natural instinct to procrastinate, the fact I het bored easily or that I get easily attracted to the next shiny new toy but I’m gonna finish at least one of them before the week is out…lol.

Hell I think I even have some unfinished flicks too. Fuck I even have a slew of blog drafts that need to be unearthed not to mention a novel or 2, 3 or shit… 😒.
I got a lot of work to do! Maybe i will start on that kitchen remodel or backyard! 😩😳.
Nonetheless your insomniac has a lot of work to do! 😠

Well til next time kiddies…

PS. Hoping to report at least one completed task by then next blog.

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What I Hate Most About Remakes (2nd Edition)


Recently I went to go see Poltergeist & as usual with remakes/reboots, I go in with very minimal expectations. This way I am not overly let down & the fact that I mostly likely spent a day’s worth of income on concession goodies doesn’t hurt my feelings as much.
Poltergeist originalpoltergeist remake

1st off, I usually know that my bias will be towards the original I came to love. While cinematography has vastly improved & technology has made the true image of the most flicks believable & amazing… I think Hollywood has relied on these visuals way too much. Bad enough most plots are dampened down & the characters are transparent! But I feel Hollywood has gone too far… not only changing story lines of the originals but most times they completely disregard what we loved about the original in the first place!

FUCK… Is nothing sacred????

Now I am not saying that remakes/reboots are new to Hollywood. Because they aren’t but it would appear so many books, tv shows, comics, old flicks & what have you are going a tad overboard. We at one point had inspirations for the big screen But I think the big producers are getting dry. It ain’t that many homages in the world but shit we even have remakes of reboots & believe or not reboots of remakes.

They have even remade Jem… Yep the punk rock, cartoon from the 80s. The trailer made me barf but rest assured my 13 year old will dupe me into taking her to see the teen overly dramatic drama. 😒. As much as this movie may appeal to my daughter’s choice of genre & undoubtedly will have some parents intrigued by the title, this like some other remakes are fairly useless aside from the bank it promises at the theatres.
movies and moneyMost of my kids’ friends probably have no clue who Jem is/was. Folks my age may not even be interested in a flick like this, unless they like that tear jerker type of shit (ie The Notebook) but still it’s about this generation’s teenagers…not mines. My whole point is they really don’t have much to do with one another. If my kid asked to go and the movie was appropriate, I’d probably let her go anyway. They didn’t need to brand it to something else like Jem.
jem collage-2015-06-04The Fuckery continues! Of course remakes & reboots will never go anywhere. Some go on to be awesome, paying homage to cult favs & classics. Others are just there to make bank & waste time!

Speaking of which regarding Poltergeist, the remake. Oh it was ok. Not the best horror movie, not the most suspenseful (even if you missed the original). Seriously not worth the money spent at the movies. I personally would save it for Netflix.

My Vote: Netflix and chill 👍😉
it sucks

Until next time kiddies…

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DUMBASS OF THE DAY: Broke Girls in The Club (A B*tch Blog)


Maybe it’s me or the line of work I do but I don’t (nor will I ever) understand the notion of going out broke. You don’t have none of the following:

  1. No door cover money!
  2. No coat check money!
  3. No cab/car fare money!
  4. No drink money!
  5. No late night grub from drive-thru/diner money!

But you expecting dudes (maybe even your girls to spot you??)

Naw you need to stay that ass home & get your $$ right! There’s always next weekend…

Yep, this week’s Red Foreman Dumbass of the Day goes to Broke Ass Females.

I mean seriously, forget the fact it’s in the way… It’s not safe at all. Anything could happen where you could be in a situation with no phone, ride or surrounded by people who can and will hurt you.

You chicks need to fucking think smarter! There are rapists, killers and people who have no respect for human life or women. So do yourself and so many others a favor…


AND BRING AT LEAST $20 WITH YA BROKE ASS! I mean it’s cool if your pockets are on E or you don’t have the funds every weekend. I mean if you can entertain yourself or friends, cool. Even better, if you can still go out without spending a buck, AWESOME! But don’t leech or beg… It’s just not kosher!

bitch blog kitty

‘Til next time kiddies…

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Black Women: We Have to do BETTER! (A B*tch Blog)

And the Red Forman Award of the Day goes to Ghetto Ass Hoodrats/THOTS


Rarely do I ever point a judgmental finger at some folks, especially when it comes to classifying an entire group of people. But everyday I am out/about or I’m perusing social media, it pains me to see where we as women of color are failing. It’s not to say all because we are leading the race in secondary education to our male counterparts. Not to mention black American women are bypassing glass ceilings and taking more higher paying jobs. Hell we are even putting back those boxes of relaxer to show off natural hairstyles. But what does it mean for the groups of women I see on a regular basis? It’s not looking so great! We are leading the race on sad statistics like STDs, single parenting, etc.


Before you read on thinking I am here to bash black women, STOP! I have had first hand experience with the black men who are failing our society who at times make me wanna trade chocolate for vanilla all over again. Seriously the sex-driven, bad-bitch lusting, booty worshipping, lazy, unemployed, deadbeat dad ass dudes are making a piss poor name for a lot of black men who are out here doing the damn thing… I swear you fellas can have your “THOTS” I am near through. I’m looking at my hand in the life game of poker and despite a full house… I am contemplating folding! Want to see why? Click Here on about Wanting to be Single

Check out my blog about the Loveless Nation We Live In or my Deadbeat Parent Blog!

Shit, I know all races/sexes have their embarrassments or socially inept castaways but from what I can tell, our big bad “baddies” are leading the race to downfall! My point isn’t that we are becoming the poster children for the worst of the worst. It is that our shitty behavior is always personified and often magnified as horrible! And sadly on some “Worldstar hiphop shit, it is! “The world is but a stage…” And we are the minstrel-hopping jesters!

We already have woman bashing individuals who use their status in life as well as social media to downgrade women who wear weaves or are independent. I mean we live in a male-driven misogynistic society…but damn! So why pick on the black female, specifically? We aren’t the only ratchet individuals out there I am sure.

bad girls club
Bad Girls Club
Jersey Shore

Yes again some other races/sexes are failing too but am I Caucasian, Asian or a male? NO! So I cannot comment on the state of affairs of such! So where did we go wrong? How can we repair the damage? Well to be honest it’s starts at home! As parents, & caregivers… Oh fuck, as adults… we are showing our children that it is ok to not value family, marriage, settling down or the home itself. It is okay to sleep around despite the risk of disease. We are showing them that the aspect of being a spouse is “uncool!” Something as simple as family dinner has become a fading memory in the black community. When the fuck did that happen?

Quite simply, we are teaching our already fucked up youth that is ok to run wild, self-hate and worst have zero fucking accountability for it all.

I mean I hate to get all Biblical or theological but I can’t go a day without thinking about my late grandmother’s warning about these being the last days.  I mean to be immoral and full of non-love is the “in” thing to do.  I remember when I was on my abstinent kick… I got the teased and often looked at like I had AIDS.  It was hard to fathom that I no longer got drunk or high anymore.  When I tell folks I prefer reading, watching the CW or cartoons to reality TV shows, I swear I’m supposed to turn in my race card somewhere.

When did we trade “I’m black & I’m proud” for “Turn up”?
black proud womenvs.strip club turn up

Nonetheless, it brings me back to my original conclusion of our women.  Afros were traded for weaves.  Clothes that flaunted our curves modestly were traded for trashy next to nothingness that pervaded the result of poor dieting.

Little girls wanted to be doctors when they grew up and now they aspire to be strippers or porn stars.
african-american-female-doctor vs. 563_1000

Home Economics of learning to cook or clean were traded for tutorials on how to twerk and hood fight videos. I swore I wrote about this before…lol! Yeah gender roles change often but you still need to know how to Act Like a Lady! Remember being from the ghetto doesn’t mean You Have to Be Ghetto

Funny I never thought that being a ho instead of a housewife would mean you were winning. I mean look how we glorify the role of being a side chick. We have moved to idolizing sex and money these days.  I am just hoping that this doesn’t lead to the destruction of civilization like it did in the Old Testament… That would be scary…
Well til later kiddies!

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A Time for Change

A long time ago I found myself questioning the people I associated myself with. A decade later I can’t believe I’m fucking doing it again. I mean it’s as if at 33 years old my judgment of character hadn’t improved. I mean at one point in my life I came to the conclusion that I needed to take accountability & responsibility for not only the things I did or the people I associated with but the things I allowed others to do for, to & around me! I mean at the end of the day, you can get mad about being around people that hurt you or quite simply you can tell them to piss off.

Why do us humans, more specifically women allow shitty and detrimental people around us…only to complain about it all later?

WTF Katt Williams

The God above will only protect you from so much harm especially if you keep pulling someone who doesn’t wanna be around you…and more crucially someone who God doesn’t want around you! If he sends warning signs of a bad thing and you don’t heed them early on, who else can you blame but yourself? Even if you’re not a believer in a higher power, still you should have the good sense to know when to cease dealings with certain people, places or things.

We need to stop allowing people to maintain a position in our lives beyond their expiration date! Would you drink sour milk? FUCK NO! So why continue to be consumed by a sour person when you don’t have to be? I deserve better! So do you! There’s an ass for every chair out here! Don’t miss out an opportunity on a sure thing standing & waiting around on shit! Besides you will only end up chasing someone who does not want to be chased. It’s a waste of time, energy & effort on the wrong individuals when the person God or fate has intended is slipping away from you.

picture that shit

And especially don’t drown yourself in a sorry pity party about it later because being alone for a moment seemed scarier than feeling lonely for a lifetime.

It’s not only stupid but it makes zero fucking sense. Besides no one wants to hear or join that pity party with you.

pity party sheldon

Life is all about finding your purpose on this watery rock and importantly being content. This was not a bitch blog… which was why I chose the song attached. My grandfather, Yahweh Rest His Soul, loved this song. I did too but for some reason I truly see the message behind it. My message is not only one of accountability but to tell you the less time you invest (and worry) in the things that leave you unfulfilled, the happier you will be!

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

If at any point in time you find it hard to be happy, workout!!! Go for a run, walk, do Zumba and repeat consecutively during every week! You will feel better. Exercise is the most underused anti-depressant.

 be happy workout

Well that’s all for now kiddies… Till next time!

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