I’m ok… No really I’M NOT OK



Are you stressed? Are you at your wits end? Are you unhappy? Are you unjustified? Well you are not alone…whether you suck at time management, love, relationships, money or heck even school… You are like the thousands if not millions whose stress levels and blood pressure are through the roof!


Well I am no doctor or Zen master but I can say there are a few things I and we can do to get through it without a stroke or spontaneously combusting!

Well worry not because the things that stress you will be there regardless if you worry or not.  At least with the latter, you give yourself the opportunity to devise a plan to get away from your stressors!

It doesn’t have to be as pricey as a all-inclusive cruise. It can be a stroll, short drive (if gas level permits).

stress-relax post it

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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wotw_titleweb (2)

Be unapologetically you.
Be uncompromised.
Be understanding.
But Be who you were meant to be.

Do not bend your spine in any way that it was not meant to bend.
Do not allow others to devour your spirit.
Do not spare & dissect your happiness or beliefs.
But do unto others as you would like done unto you.

Be Awesome.
Be Amazing.
Be An inspiration
Be Unapologetically You.

Shalom… 😉

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Procrastinating?? Or strategically planning…Hmmm


Well as my regular TV season coming to an end, I find myself plagued with the inevitable option of doing all the things I’ve procrastinated since the fall! Like cleaning out my basement, renovating parts of my house or my next book (it’s still a work in progress). Sadly, I’m finding myself boggled down with so much that I’m losing focus on things lately. I’m hoping that some time off in the near future will undo that.


About a year or 2 ago, I was focusing on my theater project until financial responsibility forced me to do otherwise. I still have my working out and blogging that will mostly take the majority of my attention. But so far my business start of up providing rides to drunk people have consumed most of my free time. Hopefully my book can get done before the year end. If not there is always being stuck in remedial office work again!
focus woman

I mean it’s not that I’m lazy because I’m always on the move. I just get in my own way sometimes. I truly need a personal assistant or get my phone to remind me to do things during the day better. Maybe one of those hypnotherapists can help. At least I have Cortana on my phone… She’s better than Siri and I should utilize that if only I can stay not distracted long enough. LOL

Well on to walk the dog & publish some of these drafts in this blog here… Oh wait the new season of Teen Wolf will be coming back & Orange is the New Black is on Netflix right now… Plus I need to catch up on last seasons Blacklist…
pretty little liars hanna watching tv

FUCK…TV here I come!

Well Until Next Time Kiddies…

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Throwback Thursday: Gaming, Social Media, Oh & Mortal Kombat

diw tbt

So I was cleaning out my basement… well attempting to and I would’ve never guess to have found not only a few old Sega, Nintendo & Super Nintendo games but the consoles as well.  It’s funny because I had feared them to be lost years ago or stolen.

Man am I sorry for mentally accusing folks. But oh well all is well. 🙂

My fav that I found was Mortal Kombat…yep the very first one for Sega Genesis.
sega mortal kombatI mean it was 16 bits of violent glorious ecstasy from the moment I brought it home. I am so psyched to see if it still works & what makes this discovery even more awesome is that Mortal Kombat X (10) just released like 2 days ago.
Mortal-Kombat-XSweeet.. 😉

I can’t wait to kick some ass on both games.

But this week’s trip down memory lane comes with a hint of sadness. I mean as cool as it is to play thousands of other random gamers. I missed the nostalgia of playing side by side with someone I actually know. I mean our social society has built us to be well anti-social. Today’s generation has no interactive social skills of any kind. It’s sad. It’s 1 thing to have an awesome gaming technique…it’s another thing to have no other useful skills either…
South-Park-GamerHere we are with the means to connect with anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and yet we couldn’t be more further apart or disconnected.

Now I’m not saying that I despise social media or online gaming… HELL NO! But it pains me that the means of communications are ironically driving us farther apart. From being “social” hermits in the house with 5,000 friends & followers yet no company to keep except our shadows.
facebook slaveI say reach out, grab some beers (if you’re old enough) and hang with some friends & connect in person. Not just a night club either. LOL

Well until later kiddies… the moral of the story is to live more, get out, have fun…hop on the highway to hell like you’re gonna die tomorrow.


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Chef Attack (Food Review)

SavedPicture-2015224104921.jpgEver have a meal that as soon as you placed a piece of it in your mouth, you heard a HalleluYAH chorus singing? Immediately after, you experienced chills, followed by a feeling of euphoria? Well my friend… You have just experienced an oral-gasm! In addition to some of my normal rant/rave blogs, I will be throwing in some food blogs as well from time to time!! Recently, I had the pleasure of tasting some excellent food by a pro chef I know!

Ron “The Chef” Medford’s displays were not only visually enticing but tasty as well. Personally, I’m a wing connoisseur! I understand the art that goes into making any flavor chicken buffalo style type wings! But this guy makes a style that is not only all his own but friggin’ addictive.
V__D717 1

He also throws in a few other tantalizing entrées such as my fav salmon, shrimp and steak for all of you carnivores.

V__90B9 1 V__FD6E 1
V__855F 1
What makes his style stand out is not just the overall taste of Ron’s dishes but his technique.  The salmon isn’t mushy or undercooked. The chicken isn’t over done or unseasoned. The veggies I had were steamed more than my liking but nonetheless they were seasoned well & quite delicious.  I give him a thumbs up…

it's awesome

You can find Mr. Ron “the chef” on Facebook or catch him in action at Club Onyx here in Philly (South Philly to be exact).  He operates as the head chef in charge and I when I say in charge…. I mean it!

Well until later kiddies…

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New on TV: Empire (review)

review rant

So I waited after week 2 to post a review on the new show Empire starring Terrance Howard & Taraji Henson. Why? Because I wasn’t sold on the pilot alone! But after the second episode… Here’s my take on the musical drama!


Mainly because I hate judging a show by the pilot. At first I was on the wire with this one. I mean I was expecting with the music that it would be a hip hop Glee without the heart (especially since Glee is in its last season). But to my surprise the show seems to have a little more depth than just being a copy cat. But I was honestly surprised. I am totally digging this show.  Not to mention Danny Strong (Jonathan from my teen old tv Buffy) has written, produced & directed this. For it to be a network tv show, it really pushes things to the edge. It’s witty, it’s dramatic & the characters, despite their hidden agendas/goings-ons, the characters really have a full range of emotions.


  • You have Cookie, Ex-drug dealer, ex-con who not only missed out on raising her sons but took the fall for what I am assuming was a drug bust gone bad. She is tough & smart but beneath all of that is a sensitive woman. One could assume that she is a “hoodrat” but honestly she is keen and her instincts rarely let her down.
  • Then there’s Lucious who was the ex drug dealer, turned rapper turned exec/media mogul! He has a sorted past that we see revealed later throughout the season. Not to mention he’s trying to pick one of his sons to take over the company & quick (oh yeah he’s dying…like terminally)! WHAT??!! Honestly you could assume he sold out for $$ & a little bit weak but he is a shark who with let NOTHING or NO ONE stand in his way.
  • The sons: Andre, eldest brother who despite helping dad run the company as CFO, doesn’t have the musical talent but schemes and plans to take over. Is he his wife’s puppet or just in it for himself? Jamal, the middle son who can sing sing sing & play music! He’s vies for his dad acceptance (oh he’s gay) & despite being talented, he lets off that he doesn’t care about the lime light or the company. I think he is every bit of ambitious but lets his sexuality get in the way. He also is the only one who has a relationship with his mother who wants to take his career off. Hakeem, the youngest wants the bling, the girls and to live it up. He raps (well I might add) and despite lacking discipline seems to kind of have a grasp on things. He knows that his dad wants to launch him but he wants to do things his way. He also has a close relationship with the middle brother.

All this plus a host of amazing supporting characters make this show a melting pot of talent! The chemistry between the actors & the roles they are playing is more than 2-dimensional as one could assume. I am going to keep my eye on this one for sure.

Lastly, what makes this show kick even more ass is that it fits nicely between Arrow & American Horror Story! 🙂  PS. The performance at the end of episode 2: STELLAR! Oh and I finally see why it’s smart to keep a bib handy! 😉

it's awesome

Until next time kiddies… stay tuned!

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wotw_titleweb (2)

Broken girl with no tears left to cry! She was once so naive, so hopeful but it’s as if her soul has died! She worship the ground her loved one walked on but now she is the ground that is trampled on.

Tired of trying to love and so she just watches the days go by. No change, just habits of days and nights as they come and go! Once mesmerized to the matters of the heart and mind, now she is a slave to the flesh. She let someone damage her. Her upbeat personality sprawled on the concrete like a crime scene.

What happened?
She lost herself…

She lost her faith, she lost her spirit, she lost everything that made her shine! Now she is just damaged goods. No good for anything or anyone! She can’t, she won’t do better…because she doesn’t know how. She forgot how to love naturally! It’s how good girls turn bad. It’s when attention is mistaken for affection!

She is ok with being with someone, anyone as long as she isn’t alone any longer. It’s her loneliness that’s her weakness and so she settles for being someone’s right now girl instead of someone’s Mrs. Right Woman! It’s her way of coping

Robbed of her smile yet denying how she’s been depraved of the very happiness she once exuberated. It’s how her fears came alive…

It’s being broken…

It’s being damaged!