When I Say NO, It’s Like I Never Said YES (A B*tch Blog)

You know why people like Donald Trump seem to have everything yet not have a care in the world? It’s because despite what others do/say they will still do whatever they want.  You are feeble to them and that is the way it is…

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I don’t have many material items in this world. But the things that I do possess or pay to maintain are done so as a result of my hard work & efforts. Despite my complaints here & there or even this little voice that says be more selfish, I share my so-called “wealth” because I can’t take any of it with me when I die. But fuck all of that, (in my Samuel L. Jackson yelling voice) I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IGNORANT, NONCHALANT, IRRESPONSIBLE, MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE WHO BULLY OR SWEET TALK/BAIT ME INTO SHARING THE SAME SHIT  I YOU CAN EASILY ATTAIN FOR YOURSELF. I AM SOOOOO SICK OF YOU NOT GIVING 2 FUCKS ABOUT THE THINGS THAT BELONG TO ME! There is no rule book that says I have to do anything with ANYTHING that is MINE! I don’t have to share… and I don’t care if no one shares with me. Fuck, I can even be Petty with mines. It is not my problem if I have what the next person doesn’t because the way I see it, is that nobody cares the other way around. I don’t bust my ass to attain nice things for me & my child for someone else to abuse or tear up because they themselves don’t have it. I’m tired of being nice, I’m tired of giving a shit about people’s pansy-ass, sensitive bullshit feelings! I’m tired of individuals who have the audacity to feel some type of way when I voice my concerns or complaints about my shit. And I’m certainly tired of people assuming I have to do or give! Doesn’t matter what you do or did for me in the past present or future… I don’t have to care or share… I FUCKING CHOOSE TO.

But that’s not even the half of it, if I voice my concern or frustration… I immediately become the unreasonable bitch or bad guy… Well to that I have only 2 things to say: O & K!

If you have an issue with the new me, oh well, OK!

If I offend you or if I appear to be unapproachable or even hostile, OK!

PS. If you don’t like what I say or post, guess what you can unfriend, unfollow, block or delete yourself… Online or otherwise!

Oh and this isn’t some sly, pronoun game where I secretly take jabs & say shit about certain people on the low without naming names… Because this applies to EVERYONE! Including any of you who took the time to read all this shit! ✌️

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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Bucket List left undone


un·fin·ished – [ˌənˈfiniSHt]


  1. not finished or concluded; incomplete.

Looking through a few video games and sadly I have yet to finish more than half of them. Not only on my Xbox one but my 360.. Not sure if it’s my natural instinct to procrastinate, the fact I het bored easily or that I get easily attracted to the next shiny new toy but I’m gonna finish at least one of them before the week is out…lol.

Hell I think I even have some unfinished flicks too. Fuck I even have a slew of blog drafts that need to be unearthed not to mention a novel or 2, 3 or shit… 😒.
I got a lot of work to do! Maybe i will start on that kitchen remodel or backyard! 😩😳.
Nonetheless your insomniac has a lot of work to do! 😠

Well til next time kiddies…

PS. Hoping to report at least one completed task by then next blog.

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A Time for Change

A long time ago I found myself questioning the people I associated myself with. A decade later I can’t believe I’m fucking doing it again. I mean it’s as if at 33 years old my judgment of character hadn’t improved. I mean at one point in my life I came to the conclusion that I needed to take accountability & responsibility for not only the things I did or the people I associated with but the things I allowed others to do for, to & around me! I mean at the end of the day, you can get mad about being around people that hurt you or quite simply you can tell them to piss off.

Why do us humans, more specifically women allow shitty and detrimental people around us…only to complain about it all later?

WTF Katt Williams

The God above will only protect you from so much harm especially if you keep pulling someone who doesn’t wanna be around you…and more crucially someone who God doesn’t want around you! If he sends warning signs of a bad thing and you don’t heed them early on, who else can you blame but yourself? Even if you’re not a believer in a higher power, still you should have the good sense to know when to cease dealings with certain people, places or things.

We need to stop allowing people to maintain a position in our lives beyond their expiration date! Would you drink sour milk? FUCK NO! So why continue to be consumed by a sour person when you don’t have to be? I deserve better! So do you! There’s an ass for every chair out here! Don’t miss out an opportunity on a sure thing standing & waiting around on shit! Besides you will only end up chasing someone who does not want to be chased. It’s a waste of time, energy & effort on the wrong individuals when the person God or fate has intended is slipping away from you.

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And especially don’t drown yourself in a sorry pity party about it later because being alone for a moment seemed scarier than feeling lonely for a lifetime.

It’s not only stupid but it makes zero fucking sense. Besides no one wants to hear or join that pity party with you.

pity party sheldon

Life is all about finding your purpose on this watery rock and importantly being content. This was not a bitch blog… which was why I chose the song attached. My grandfather, Yahweh Rest His Soul, loved this song. I did too but for some reason I truly see the message behind it. My message is not only one of accountability but to tell you the less time you invest (and worry) in the things that leave you unfulfilled, the happier you will be!

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

If at any point in time you find it hard to be happy, workout!!! Go for a run, walk, do Zumba and repeat consecutively during every week! You will feel better. Exercise is the most underused anti-depressant.

 be happy workout

Well that’s all for now kiddies… Till next time!

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