Another Year ✔️

Well alas another birthday has come and gone. I’m officially 38 today.

I must say this year was eventful and eye-opening. Not to drag on about positive thinking, but I am understanding the power of it all. This year, I didn’t do the obligatory party thing as I have in the past. I must say I am becoming privy to low-key functions with close friends and family anyhow. Hell more and more, I am becoming comfortable with my own solidarity.  Funny, how I went from craving the company of others to being content with my own.

Yet the highlight of this year was my trip to Bangor, Maine. It was here that I got to see most of the tourist spots that inspired some of the great works of my favorite author, Stephen King.

As a fellow writer, it was awesome. I got a nice mini vacation away from the city and discovered something I feel is important to any writer, which was motivation.

As I got the chance to see the different places that Mr. King wrote about or referenced in his books/movies, I discovered that the trick to writing a good story is in fact no trick at all. It is the ability to look at everyday things in everyday life and from that tell a story.

I realized that you don’t have to go far to find a story but in fact you can in-turn let the story find you. From time to time, I have struggled with writer’s block where I could never finish books that I started. Maybe it was the distraction from my daily distractions or the time spent alone… not sure. Whatever it was that I found, sparked a spark that had already been recently reignited. Yet now it was an explosion of shit going off in my brain. So with that newfound motivation and the tools I’ve acquired all throughout my life, I discovered one new valuable lesson.

It was always within me… as it is with us all.

Instead of trying to recreate and find whatever it was that produced my initial book, The Virus Within… I know now that I needed a new formula because I’m new version of myself. I needed to stop dwelling on my past, and venture into something new. It was from this point forward I had to bury that fear of taking risks. I wasn’t making another vampire novel so why focus on what or how that book was created? I was inspired to write the Virus Within after being in fantasy chatrooms (something millennials will never probably understand). I went from basically telling a story with others (which is like today’s fanfiction) to writing a full fledge novel.  Plus the fact I had a bad knee sprain that kept me indoors and bored as hell.

However, I needed to take my love of the macabre to a new level. I had to also incorporate my discovery of the taboo as well. I wasn’t a scared kid who was afraid to be Risqué.  If I was going to be the female Stephen King like I set out to be so many years ago, I had to find a story where there was no story. I needed to write because writing was what I was born to do.

If the man I admired could look at a simple storm drain and create one my generation’s greatest tales, I could find my own muses anywhere.

So it was here in Bangor, Maine while in route back to Philly… I began a new story, edited existing ones, and importantly, put ideas that have been scrambled in my head on paper or on my phone’s notes so that I would potentially have a new story someday. I also got a blog that I will soon post, shortly after this. I was on fire…again! And it felt great!

The Insomniac Writer was already back but now… R.S. Lewis is ready to take center stage.

Now I all need to do is resurrect some of these drunken insomniac drafts… 🤔

Until next time kiddies,


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Ramblings of an Insomniac Alone

I sit alone with my coffee. Contemplating will I stay or be free.

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I’m caffeinated yet heavily sedated.

Spent my time and money just to get your honey. Wrote you love letters with no intent of mailing.

I’m both lovesick a love scorn wanting to be held like a rose with no thorn.

Injected with toxic poison but inside is the antidote. I feel the pain of love in letters that I wrote.

The answer was always deep inside of me but the key was was lost at sea.

I committed emotional suicide at the cost hypothetical homicide. I took to my pen again and chose not to hide.

A big chunk of me disentegrated and destroyed but another part of me reborn free.

Lost am I to what love is? Someone asked what does it mean to me? I couldn’t answer honestly.

Standing on the edge of freedom alone in the darkened light with the last of the sun kissing the edge of the sea.

I’m going to stay and sit where I’ll take another sip of coffee contemplating do I stand alone or swim free.

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How I found the Drunken Insomniac Writer again: Transference of Energy


Recently I began evaluating my life as well as my purpose and path on this planet. I really took a look at how far I had come and where I was headed as a writer, mother, partner, etc.  I plagued myself with the question, Did I waste my time?  At first it made no sense & then it clicked. I realized that nothing I had done was by mistake. From the people I had met, the “mistakes” & accomplishments I had experienced, it was all apart of a design.  Once I saw where I had been & where I had allowed myself to fall to, I could finally see where I was headed. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

Now in the terms of humanity, without structure (law) we are destined to chaos. So what about the individual? Well, those of us who have no goals… are set up for failure.  So that was part 2 of the plan.  Now I needed a strategy! Fuck, this was the tough part, persistence.

I had been here before… On the horizon of such a crazy ass epiphany. But then I got scared and distracted. I was lost. So experienced a set of events that would steer me back on track & strengthen my character.  The first thing I needed to do was shed all thoughts, things and people who not only lacked vision but who contrasted with my goals.  I finally realized that I was only one standing in my way. I had to stop blaming others or circumstances and start making the changes to undo the damages that I either caused in my life or allowed to happened. And so I set the goals, despite how hard in motion.

We always put stock in what the next thing or person can make of us. We stop believing in ourselves and become dependent on the need to connect. While there is nothing wrong with completion or companionship, there is something seriously wrong with feeling incomplete without it.  This is especially so if the people around you do not have your mindset.  Anything else means you are settling.  We need to abandon the thinking that we are average especially if we think we are created in the image of something mightier than average.

That being said, I know that going forward I want to be more…always have.  And I mean more than just fame and fortune.  And that I want to create my own epic comeback story.  I mean I had to ask myself over and over… How can I complete someone else if I was in fact incomplete? I realized that I needed to transfer my focus and energy on following my dreams and finding myself. Once there, I had to see that until I was happy with me, I could never make someone else happy. It’s like the saying goes…you can’t pour from an empty cup, right?

I had so much untapped potential and unfocused energy that my head was spinning. Eventually I found myself back on the path. I wasn’t on some time table and once I realized that, I became content with me and finishing the race at my own pace. We spend so much time on trying to get others to realize our potential that we fail to see it ourselves. We don’t have balance anymore and in turn we become miserable and lost.

And then it hit me… I needed a clearer vision.  Another proverb quote that hit me was Proverb 4:25 was, “Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.” Meaning at some point I had to become obsessed on both the goals and path I laid before me.  I had no time for distractions. Everyone wants the get-rich-quick scheme or the results-no-work-non-plan plan.  We want to get rich or get fit without trying.  Well I already had laid out my plans for my financial and health (click here to check out the blog)… now it’s time to focus my own energy and power with my writing…because why not?

I am the motherfucking Drunken Insomniac Writer.


Ok…Well how the hell do I do that?

I knew what I wanted I just had to get where I was supposed to be. I realized in my past that I was always on the extreme side of my emotions. I was always mentally and even sexually frustrated. I was so miserable/emotional, it didn’t take much to set me off. I thought coping physically would help me but it didn’t…not really.  So I switched it back & did as I always had in the past: I focused all of that frustration into my writing. It was always there for me but there was something more now… Something greater.

I also started meditating again and praying, asking God for guidance. Then it hit me. The key that I had missed out on before was that I had to create happiness from what I had and not what I wanted. Boy was that easier said than done.  It kinda blew my mind but I was no longer a ship floating aimlessly.  Instead of hoping to find happiness in another’s arms, at a different/better job or with a nicer car or any of those things I didn’t have…I found it in my heart. More importantly, I stopped feeling sorry for myself.  I had to be accountable if I wanted results… if I wanted change.

When I found myself angry or in need of someone, I channeled that into one of my story characters. When I needed to reflect on my meditations or prayers, I blogged like I am now.  I never knew how intense a sex scene in one of my stories would be awesome if I wrote it while horny. When I grew angered…well guess what someone was going to die a painful death (in my books). It started to become more than my hobby or career but my own personal therapist.

Everyday I listened to motivational speakers and started to reading on positive thinking. Man it felt like a million light bulbs went off.  But there was more. I realized I no longer had a sacred place to channel my energy.

I had a unused gym membership. And after issues with the hot water in my house, I went…every morning.  Even when everything got fixed, it it was apart of my fitness routine. I stopped distractions that halted my writing. I started chatting it up with fellow creative souls.  I absorbed their energy with my own. Instead of making excuses, I made adjustments. I wasn’t gonna complain about why I couldn’t get my writing career back in motion.  I started talking about my writings and ideas.  Guess what? My writer’s block was fading.

Whenever I couldn’t get focused or concentrate, I began sitting in my car every night, writing. I would spend half my lunch break at work walking to get my Fitbit steps in & the other half, writing.  Before I knew it I was back writing another novel, daily blogs and a new novella. I no longer blamed my shit on others but instead found a way to get out of my way.

Here we are again!

I hope that in my journey, and my testimony, someone reading this will find their way.n  I hope that you can transfer that energy inside of your into your gift and purpose.  And if we fall flat or fail somehow along the way, we will get up, dust off and KEEP GOING!

I’ll admit, I feel motivated, unstoppable even… The words that once flowed gave way to pause and well now…

Finally the Drunken Insomniac Writer was back! (queue in awesome, chill-inducing, cinematic music here)

Until next time kiddies,


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No Means NO (A B*tch Blog)


So one day, I’m in the supermarket, minding my business and I notice this guy making the eyes… like literally staring me up and down in the produce section. I pay it no mind and make my way through the other aisles so I could hurry and get the heck out of there. Mind you it’s the first of the month and the store is rather crowded so I knew then and there that I would have to hurry it up if I wanted to see the remaining light of day. Well somewhere between the dairy section and the pet food, I see this dude, staring AGAIN. Now I am not really the confrontational type and honestly despite the fact that I wasn’t in the best of moods, I continued to ignore him. But I really just wanted to get out of the store at some point. What made matters worse was that eventually, I was going to have to stand in that long ass line at some point… especially behind the people who ignore shopping the other 28 days a month.

Anyway, I see the guy and at this point I gave him my best bitchy-go-away-I-have-acid-reflux-gas look. It didn’t work…and before I had the chance to approach him about his eye problem, he finally worked up the nerve to speak to me. He asked for my number but I wasn’t interested, so I gently and politely lied, saying that I was in a relationship. He was cool at first and then…


He fucked up!

He offered to be my “friend”. I responded that I was good and faithful to my “fake” boyfriend. The conversation continued with him pleading that it was cool, that he didn’t care and yadda yadda yadda.

Like seriously?


Even if I were to be interested, what in the bloody hell makes you think that I would now entertain what you were offering, which is non-commitment and cheating?

I almost snapped on the guy but instead I gave him the advice of seeking out a chick that didn’t care.

Queue in the next guy…of course another dickhead that decided that he was going to force himself into my phone contacts. Like the first guy, this asshole was insistent on getting my number to be a fuck-buddy. After me telling him the same thing as the other dude, he proceeded to get upset.

Like really?

He went from trying to get my number and impressing me, to not caring if I was involved with someone to straight trying to jump my bones right then and there. And what made this interaction so annoying was the fact that despite me not wanting to do ho shit, I immediately was still a ho! But as if that wasn’t enough… this jerk had the nerve to be in a relationship! I mean he had a whole girlfriend and said it to me like it meant nothing!


Go figure! If I’m being honest, I may flirt a bit but I ain’t a homewrecker…besides I’ve been on the other side of that fence.

Nope…not cool!

But these guys today… for real though? This is why a lot of girls literally ignore guys nowadays. This is pretty much why I’d rather be alone sometimes. I’m not saying all guys are like this but the fact I come across them more often than I’d like is saying something. (This is why I decided to work on finding and loving myself). What I attract says a lot about the city I reside in as well as myself and what I’m willing to tolerate.

Oh… ladies & gents don’t forget the guys in the DMs and social media inboxes.

These ones that get worked up on simple posts with nothing exposed but a smile despite scrolling through hordes of “models,” strippers, prostitutes, slutty chicks, women who want the attention or those who are paid to sell sex or be sexy or who want attention. But do they stop there? Oh noooo… they wait until they get to a chick that’s not up for it and when the thirst gets unbelievable…OMG, he proceeds to irk the shit out of her!

I don’t mind compliments on photos or posts on social media, it makes my day. And I can understand there will be guys that will I’m attractive. That’s totally fine.

However dudes, if a lady (yes a lady says no… Just let her be. Why does she have to be a bitch, a ho or any other name? Why disrespect her?

Even worse is when a girl gives a guy a chance to get to know her and he immediately assumes she wants to have sex!


We live in a society that if a female is doing okay for herself and a guy isn’t, his little ego can’t/won’t live up to the rest of him. Some guys really get in their feelings when a someone doesn’t want their goofy asses… and guess what? Yup you guessed it…we are all hoes despite not doing ho shit.

I wonder… Is getting rejected really that bad? Have we become that petty and sensitive? Is the idea of messing with a chick with no standards much like yourself not good enough? Is it fun to ruin some girl’s life? The some assholes have even proceeded to assault a female because they cannot fathom the fact that she doesn’t want his ass. I guess that’s that millennial shit I can’t understand or quite frankly tolerate.

However… Despite my inner feminist, us ladies have some self-evaluating to do.


I cannot help but say we must be accountable for this bullshit as well. One must play Devil’s advocate and ask where/when did our standards drop so low that we allowed this behavior to be okay? Not to mention raising our already fatherless boys to be all sensitive, sore losers. Then there’s Mr. Nice-Guy…the one with some standards that we either friend-zone or flat out defensively end up being mean to. Yet don’t let that one fool you either…

I won’t dwell on it… But like I said before…We gotta do better!

If a lady is interested…you’ll know, fellas. And ladies…stop letting these fuck boys do not okay stuff!

Til next time,


bitch blog kitty diw

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BOOK UPDATE (snippet from the to be released thriller novella, Goddess of Love)

The following post is of mature and explicit sexual nature and is for adult readers only. Proceed with your own risk. It is a snippet from the yet to be released novella, Goddess of Love that I am currently working on among other projects.


It is one of the sex scenes with the main character that I recently conjured up… nothing more, nothing less.


CLICK HERE TO READ a snippet from the novella, Goddess of Love

The rest of the pivotal plot points to this tale may be revealed later. 🙂 But for now enjoy!

Thank you,

R.S. Lewis
aka The Drunken Insomniac Writer

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Why I Have Insomnia


Today was one of those days I suppose. Hell, the last few weeks have been like that. While I managed to stay above water and positive, a sudden rush of “WHAT THE FUCK!” hit me.


Last night, I went to bed with a shit ton of things on my mind and woke up feeling slightly overwhelmed. I hit the snooze button 5 times so literally the last thing I wanted to do was get outta bed. I kept pondering that I had so much to do and that despite advancing 2 steps forward, I seem to always get knocked back 4. As soon as I got handle on one thing and manage to kept my ship from sinking, another leak sprung and there I felt like I was going down. I even started dwelling on the regret of not finishing the tasks I set out: from especially my writing quota, getting school supplies, finishing these fitness certifications, homeowner courses online, trimming the weeds, and on and on and on it went. I even looked at the fact that I needed to take my car to get service meet a writing as well as a work deadline… Did I mention that I also put on like 5 lbs and the damn ceiling had a leak after a monsoon of rain that would not finish this week.

I was starting that downward spiral that led only to giving up.


I began letting my thoughts control me & get the best of me but just as I could further let my thoughts of self-pity get to me…I heard a voice in my head. It said: “Just breath” And so I counted to 5 and got up! That’s right bitches I looked myself in the mirror and said to myself, “Quitters never win & Winners never quit!”

As soon as I got myself together, I went to the gym. I had a fucking job to do and a legacy to complete. I wasn’t doing this for myself so I wasn’t going to sit there feeling sorry for myself.

I started thinking about the things I did have control over and less about the things I didn’t. Not to say I ignored them but I had to shift my focus on the immediate goals I had previously laid out for myself. I realized that I had let all of the tasks that lie ahead me cloud my vision and scare me a little instead of appreciating how far I had come. That feeling was all to familiar and it was the kind of thing that makes us give up all together. I mean I had made some baby-step milestone but they were not to be overshadowed. Now I don’t want to seem like I lack accountability or am making excuses because there’s a big differences between that shit and taking pride in finishing a battle within the war.

Once I got to the gym, I noticed that my normal core workout wasn’t straining or hard. In fact I increased my reps. I later measured myself and noticed that I had not gotten bigger. Maybe muscle gain and water retaining lead to the shift on the scale. Nonetheless I remembered what I told my friends, that the scale is not a sure way to manage fitness. It is not the end all be all of getting fit. Besides I was loving the skin I was in. Wearing my first 2 piece at the beach about 2 weeks ago! It was a brave moment and like the song says, I was feeling myself.


But I also had the melancholy thoughts of my money. I had began building up my savings and budgeting my finances. But when I thought about my balance, I nearly kicked myself in the face. Where did my money go? And then I got an email alert from Credit Wise as well as Credit Karma. My score was finally in the 700s. I looked at the debt I had incurred and couldn’t pay about 2-3 years ago when things got heavy and I was in between temp assignments. Nonetheless it felt good that I finally had a good credit rating. It wasn’t excellent but it was on its way.


I nearly boosted my score 200 points just by making better spending habits alone, monitoring my credit card balances and student loans. I did it the old fashion way. No consolidating or anything because up until last year, I had not clue when I would get back on my feet. This way also helped knock down some of those late payment thingies off of my report. I still have about another few years before they are all gone but the future is looking bright. I looked at my budget analysis and where I saw my money going over the next few months. The outlook is good.


That being said, we take looking ahead so seriously, we think looking back is a curse of some sorts. It’s okay to look back without dwelling. It shows your growth and gives hope towards the future. I remember not long ago wanting to move but I was so hasty about it, I nearly jumped head first into an apartment that would have definitely been an impulsive but that would have depleted my savings and landed me right back where I was before.

Nope. Not I! I worked too fuckin’ hard.

I think that’s where people run and hide…they don’t want to go in for the long haul and work hard. But if you have a vision and a goal…the sacrifice is worth it in the end!

Looking back, I am fitter financially and physically than I was before. And it feels great. I am not about to let the worst of my fears get the best of me. I am a fucking goddess!

So if you are at a brick wall, don’t turn back. Keep going! You may have to go over it, around it or even have a seat next to it and figure out a plan! But don’t give up. Remember there are 2 types of people in your corner you are doing this for: The ones counting on you to succeed and those waiting on you to fail! And in this life is where you figure out which outcome will happen!

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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diw back

So I have been focused on a few life altering things that have been in the best interest of not only bettering myself being able to allow my future self to provide for my daughter and family. Well a few years ago I made plans to fix facets of my life that I felt were in such need of improving that I knew I could not ignore them any longer. Well I looked at the spiral that was my life sometime 10 years ago to fix my finances, my faith, my passion, my family, my fitness, etc. I had just exited yet another shitty relationship (not my last mind you) and I knew that then and there I had to get shit back on track.

So I spent the about 2 years juggling work and single-motherhood with my plan set in motion to better my life. I started a business and even got my book off the ground.

And then boom….animated44.gif

Life happened! As it always does. Despite starting a business and pondering another venture that would take more than I was prepared for, I lost my job. But what hit me hardest was losing my grandmother and an unborn child for the 2nd time. I was hesitant to admit it but I was crushed. Aside from that things with the rest of my family wasn’t peachy either. But this blog isn’t about that. It is about today and the life changing moment I had on the way from Starbucks.

As I sipped my Frappuccino, I listened to a motivational speaker and started thinking about my passion: my writing.


I started blogging and writing little short stories. I started feeling some kind of resemblance of the me that was in 2007. That pre-30s writer who was full of fire. But it came and went. Life got in the way so much that I wouldn’t post as often as I wanted or I would write only to have shit sit in my drafts. But at least I was writing? Right? I set a goal to do about 500 words a day. It didn’t matter if my novels weren’t getting fleshed out. I was just happy to have words to write. I modeled my passion after my mentor, Stephen King. If this man could initially commit to 1000 words a day until later cranking out way more. I could do 500…even if it was something that had nothing to do with my books.

On to my finances. Now my credit score at one point was cool, ranging somewhere in the high 600’s and climbing but about 2 years ago right around the time when I was working my car share service (which was a hit until my car damn near fell apart…literally). I had to park it up and take temp jobs through Robert Half just to pay bills.

Did I mention that my kid was graduating 8th grade? (scrolls up) No I didn’t. Yeah she was about to enter high school and her tuition was behind and that car I was using to make a living that died… well I fell behind on the last 5 payments or so. Man shit had got so bad and so fast.


I was in a fake relationship that distracted me so much from my life that I got engulfed in madness. Finally it ended around the time that I got a new permanent job…woohoo no temping!!

So now what?

Although the temp jobs were enough to keep things afloat and allowed me to pay bills, it wasn’t enough security. I did not want to be stuck like I had with one assignment ending and another nowhere in sight. Well last year, the security of a new gig gave me hope…well some!

I wasn’t out of the woods. Something needed to give and fast. As I strolled to work, I started analyzing life. I figured that my finances were my best bet. Well I looked at my debt to income ratio. I looked at what I could pay off first, what I could do without and I made a plan. After buying a new car at a high rate last year, and my student loans coming off of forbearance, I knew that I needed to make some smart choices and fast.

Well I continued car note payments and paid off revolving credit cards that I had. I opened one to increase the available credit I had on my credit reports. Made payments here and there. Finally!! I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not done but for the first time in probably this last decade, my credit score was in the 700s. But I still had to keep going. With my funds tightly budgeted, I started forging better, less impulsive spending habits. I was still check to check trying to catch up the shit-storm that I was in but then again, I was saving my funds so not bad. Best of all, I did it without borrowing money I knew I couldn’t repay. But still I needed work.

Back to my fitness…well I was already exercising regularly. It was time to go back to making healthier food choices and stop stressing. Once that got in order, I saw results and I felt better. Life was still a spiral but at least 2 things on my list were coming together.

And then it happened… I was suddenly a fitness instructor. My love for dancing as a kid, actually started to turn over a new leaf for me. I was helping myself and helping others. It made me feel so good inside, so much that I had to share my motivation with others. I wanted them to know that there was no one path, trick or secret to finding joy. But that it was a plethora of things. It was compartmentalizing of life’s problems and fixing them one at a time. Now, I still have other things that I have to fix and the fact of the matter is that the things I am fixing now are still a work in progress but that wasn’t what made me feel hopeful.

bad boys shit real

Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings I would like to fix in life. Like moving out of my shitty neighborhood, seeing my kid get into college and becoming a success in her own right. I also would like to help my mom get well. So much I want to do. But I had to fix me first. I always had this problem with putting myself first and not paying attention to my needs. But I had to realize that self love is not selfish and more importantly I had to tell my helpful-sided nature that you cannot pour from an empty cup. So while I don’t have all the answers or solutions to others’ problems nor can I be able to help in ways that another may want, I am happy to at least share this newfound joy.

The best thing I think I can do is share my motivation and inspiration in hopes that maybe someone will find the inner strength to get through their own rough patch as well.

I got an email from a literary agent who was interested in my work. It made my day! I mean I don’t know what happened but after that day, my fingers were on fire! I completed a short story, a chapter in my novel and this blog in just 2 days. It was the match that was needed to spark that fire!! Holy Shit… I got my mojo back!


So the point of this blog is that while you may have problems that feel overwhelming, it isn’t the end. And while some folks may feel like they have it all, they may not. Importantly, they are not letting it stop them from living and enjoying life. This climb may have been tough but I see the mountain top! It just feels so good to have these goals that are in place in addition to a plan.

Last but not least I got back on my faith but with this different outlook of the universe and the results of the life I’m living being the product of my effort. The most important thing to have with goals are then essential plans to make those goals come to life…even if one at a time. I put my faith in the Creator as well as myself. I looked at the gift I had been given that I had ignored so long ago. It was something my grandmother told me a long time ago that I never revealed to anyone. She told me I had a gift of ministering and inspiring people.

I think I was about 13 or so, giving her this speech about something with hints Biblical quotes and whatnot. She said it made her feel good and that I had a gift.

As I drank that Frappuccino that day, a light bulb went off. I posted a motivational video on social media later that day. It got a bunch of likes, hits and shares. Immediately, I saw and heard my grandma.


Finally 2 and a half fucking months before my 38th birthday, I found my purpose…again. At least I think so.

This blog isn’t a go-to-guide at how to fix your life just some inspiration to let you know that you are equipped with the tools to pull yourself out of despondency. You just have to have a vision and a plan. If you can see it and work for it, it can happen. I wanted more than to idolize my mentors, I wanted to later become someone’s mentor. That aside, I started reading old blogs and tapping into that 20 something Rose, the original Drunken Insomniac Writer! I was so inspired and fierce with my words. I realized I had a gift, a gift that even a fucking disability could not deter!

Damn…that Frappucino was everything!


Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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