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DUMBASS OF THE DAY: Microsoft & Xbox

And the Red Forman Award of the Day goes to… Microsoft and/or Xbox!



I wasn’t pleased to see buried within all my emails a nasty little message from Microsoft that they were trimming the storage fat on their “cloud” servers. Yep OneDrive was reducing my space from like 30GB to 5GB. That’s right…FUCKING 5 GIGS. That’s the equivalent of my PC back in 95-96. That included discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus that I had for automatically storing photos & vids from my Windows Phone.  As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough. My Windows 8 device was starting to suck a little bit more as the tech monster company rolled out another version of their phone OS, Windows 10 to keep up the PC rollout version of Windows 10 not too long ago, which has come with nothing but headaches.

meme-faces-getting mad
ME as I read, “The Email”
As a result of these changes, you will be over your storage limit (visit the Storage page to check your account). If you don’t bring your OneDrive content under the new limits in the next 14 days, your account will become read only – you’ll be able to access your content, but not upload files. If you do not take action in one year, your content may be deleted. You can learn more at our FAQ.


As for the rollout for my PC, after a few months I found out that my apps on my primary administrative profile stopped working. I tried numerous, useless fixes but after awhile, the store, calendar, calculator, email, picture viewer, music, & movies player were unable to be opened.  Well I found a way around it by adding another Outlook account to my PC & making that the admin. But it wasn’t without learning that all of the other accounts on my PC would suffer from minor glitches after trying to Google & YouTube any type of fix I could find.  Eventually I settled on having 2 admin accounts to serve me as one.



Oh and regarding my phone, turns out that when they pushed Windows phone 10, they pushed developers to move all the cool apps there & as of yet failed to update all the other devices (even the ones just released right before the new software) I am guessing that both Windows 8 & 10 required double the work to support or something techy.  Not to mention they barely integrated the use of SD cards in the newer phones, although they now require them, so my phone crashes nearly everyday.  To add injury to insult, several apps refused to update to the new platform whilst others simply decided to pull out from the Microsoft store altogether. So while my phone of barely a year runs shitty apps like Instagram BETA, (yes BETA) I now run the risk of losing all of my precious vids & pics by moving them to my PC because my SD card & phone have inner turmoil… It’s either that or have the MS OS douchebags liquidate my account for I am assuming I will be violating terms by not removing nearly 15 gigs of what I have stored now??


So normally what I do in times of stress since I can’t reach for a pack of Marlboros anymore, I workout! It’s healthy & good for me when I have the writer’s block.  So a few weeks ago I turn on the good ol’ Xbox One & find out about 2 weeks ago that Xbox was terminating Xbox Fitness.  In order to keep up with Sony PS4, they previously started selling the console & Kinect separately instead of in a bundle (this too unbeknownst to me) because apparently this happened right around the time I bought this expensive shit! Looking back, I was soooo happy & impressed with my weight loss from the 360 intertwined with my other workouts, that I decided as a gamer & fitness freak, I would get the ever so awesome & hyped up Xbox One. I played it Best Buy & Game stop and so my mind was set! Forget the PS4… I was going for the Xbox to try out the new fitness stuff.

Xbox Fitness debuted with Microsoft’s Xbox One & allowed gamers to download workouts so they can exercise from the comfort of their living room.  Since arriving in 2013, you were able to make a one-time purchase of the various workouts like Beachbody, Jillian Michaels, Sean T, P90X, Tai CHi, & Yoga and have access to the content indefinitely. No gym needed! An added bonus for paid Live members was that you could get free workouts.  But to my dismay, I found out that the Kinect sitting right above would be as good as a paperweight.


All workout content will officially be discontinued on July 1st, 2017. Those who have already paid will have access until then you won’t be able to make any fitness purchases from here on out.

According to Microsoft’s Marketing Coordinator and Community Manager for Xbox Fitness, Erica Bell, wrote, “Given the service relies on providing you with new and exciting content regularly, Microsoft has given much consideration to the reality updating the service regularly in order to sustain it. Therefore, the decision has been made to scale back our support for Xbox Fitness over the next year.”

Apparently, it’s too fucking complicated to keep up with the fitness needs of their consumers.  This DUMBASS must not know how booming the fitness industry is.  I still have DVDs I workout to & it’s faired great for me..  I don’t do the same workout anyway, so leaving a few fitness apps around until some revives the Kinect is the least they can do.  Although I gained some weight back being a desk jockey, I originally lost over 50lbs.  This below was me on diet & Xbox workouts alone on my 360, which I will be turning back to obviously. As you can see, I shed 15 lbs. in less than 2 months!

Weight Loss Journey 1st week

Just goes as a harsh reminder that you don’t actually “own” any fucking digital content bought from the Xbox store that’s not in your fucking hand. Case in point, songs I bought from Microsoft prior to change to Xbox Music to Groove or whatever the fuck, got lost in the madness. Claiming they no longer had access to those “albums” & they needed to be repurchased if not previously downloaded.

Fuck that shit! I got mp3skull! I am not paying for anything twice over!

Nonetheless, I recently saw that Xbox tried to put Band-Aids on their bullet wounds, as they released new workouts for free to use until next year. They even intend to offer so-called exchange-like refunds to us, “the sheep” in the form of Microsoft & Xbox store credit… good for about a year!

omg rage-thing


It’s no wonder Bill Gates originally hated the idea of a gaming console when they pitched the Xbox idea a few years back. However given the success of the gaming industry, he caved & offered full support.

Can you say ca-Ching? What’s even more insane is that Mr. Gates gave Xbox some autonomy from Microsoft as it’s own little entity.  Yeah equipped with CEOs & the whole nine. I guess giving them room to make Xbox cheaper than PS4… with it’s fairly ok game selection.

So now what?

What would have been better is to just make one OS to take on both desktop and gaming at the same time. They should’ve fully fused their phones & tables to create an unstoppable force of nature. Leave third party members to building hardware for desktop, workstations, living room and of course allow the nerds to do they’re own custom techy tech. Microsoft has all the tools to dominate Apple and Sony, but they don’t know what they’re doing and Bill Gates got duped from the giddy-yup. Instead dominating fucking Skynet-style, we got all these stupid entities within an entity. If Xbox and Windows unified Microsoft would be a lot stronger and a lot the non-sense could be easily avoided.

Well I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. Machines will never take over the world & exterminate us Terminator-style nor will they imprison us Matrix-style. Especially if we gotta wait for someone to be smart enough to be dumb enough to create an self-aware/self-sustaining A.I.

Neo is not impressed

Bill Gates you seriously need to get your subordinates & affiliates in order!!! This is why Android, Google, Apple & Sony to name a few are winning!

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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bitch blog kitty







Well as usual I was poking my head around social media & scrolled to see in my feeds that a young black man, Alton Sterling  was shot in cold blood, up close by a police officer in Baton Rouge, LA!  The following footage was posted online on various social media.


But then in the ripe hours of this morning, I saw yet again ANOTHER young black man, Philando Castile was shot and killed.  Like Alton, it was up close & point blank range. However the victim was in a car with his girlfriend in the passenger side & their small child was in the backseat. This following a traffic stop for a busted tail light.  The following footage was recorded live on Facebook by the victim’s girlfriend.


I was rather saddened last night because regardless of why or how, another family has to plan a funeral for another senseless murder. When will this end, I asked myself? And then it dawned on me…the shit may never!

I have come me to a serious conclusion: “…[We] justify those that died by wearing the badge…”

I don’t know if it’s irony or just coincidence but I just wrapped up a binge session of Orange is the New Black. [SPOILER ALERT…skip this next paragragh if you haven’t seen the latest season]

Anyway, after I got done I was a little saddened as one of my fav characters was killed off. The assailant, although just being stupid & overreacting was a male, white correctional officer & the victim was one of the lady inmates who was of course black & unarmed. But the way they spun it for the show was purely racial!  They spent 45 minutes of the show trying to find a way to use the victim’s past against her like some sort of scapegoat to escape being liable. When that didn’t work, they tried blaming the C.O. but eventually found a way to make him the “victim” again. It went on simply to prove the point that Black lives don’t matter. Not in a “poke fun at” kinda way but in an eye opening sort of way.

Before that I watched the entire remake of the book-turned-miniseries, Roots on demand a few weeks ago. So I was feeling a bit Rage Against the Machine-ish!

Fast forward to last night! It brought me to a serious conclusion.


Today I’m not sad. I can barely even grieve for these families I barely know. I am angered! I am pissed off! I am enraged!

Our black lives don’t matter! Women’s lives don’t matter! Our kids’ lives don’t matter…not in America & probably not a few other places on earth!


Of course technology today makes it easier to shed light on these horrible things & social media makes it effortless to spread it across the world but it does nothing to stop it because we do nothing to stop it. We may pray and protest but until the next trending event, I fear that these events will too be forgotten.  Why? Because if one thing I learned is that a generation that forgets its past, repeats it! We make light of our past & even poke fun at it but we don’t truly hold onto it. We don’t pass it down to our children. We leave no legacy. Shit we barely observe Black History Month.

hosed down


We CANNOT expect a system that was built on oppressing people to save those very same people!

Point blank fucking period!

You can go on posting all the hateful shit you have experienced in the past or will experience today or tomorrow all the fuck you want! You can protest and march or even pray! It won’t change the fact that BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER!! Regardless if it is a degenerate/delinquent youth or an upstanding member of so-called society… Our lives aren’t enough of a factor to bring change.

mike brownTamir_Rice_family_photo

Black lives didn’t matter when our youth were given drugs to poison us & foolish bullshit on TV to distract us! Black lives didn’t matter when our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers were racially profiled/harassed by so called law enforcement & hate groups. Black lives didn’t matter when our sons/daughters hustled to make a buck as drug dealers/strippers because we weren’t offered “their” good jobs for shitty wages! Black lives didn’t matter when our grandparents marched & died for civil rights! Black lives didn’t matter when our great grandparents hung from trees! Black lives didn’t matter when our ancestors were sold/traded from forgotten places on a whole other continent….not to mention later kidnapped. Black lives didn’t matter when those that eventually made it to America were chained/branded/beaten/bred like fucking cattle! Black lives didn’t matter when our ancestors were raped & murdered, their homelands pillaged & our history nearly wiped out of existence. Not to mention the fact that we’ve been taught our history by the very same educational institutions that tried to hide half of the shit from us.


Which brings me to a dire point… Our black lives barely matter to us. So why the fuck do we act so disillusioned? Maybe while we were partying & fucking up our own lives, we forgot somewhere that racism & sexism have become blurred lines and spun off scandals instead of the blatant torture we endured first hand. Where and how did we forget that we were always targeted and taken out without thought? It happened when we became sheep amongst the packs of wolves & left our young to be slaughtered. Broken homes with no discipline, guidance or nurturing.  We removed G-d from everything important until tradition & tragedy begs us to call on HIM. We worship reality stars and filth on TV and wonder why our lives are soaked in drama. We shout “FREE MY NIGGA” after he murders or harms others until that same nigga is then slain. We went from proud to belligerent & from decent to ratchet.

But it doesn’t validate or  justify centuries of this shit!

black muslim la 60seric garner ny choke


I am so full of emotions today. Although this shit is not new to me. It is not new to our history. But I won’t be so close minded to say that all cops are like this.  Nor will I negate the fact that some of the victims of cop shootings have put themselves in questionable situations in the first place.  That leaves cops with what starts out as good intentions to protect and serve but ends in disaster. I can’t imagine the stress this kind of job places on the human psyche, which can be jaded by years of dealing with race, poverty & any other factors that can affect judgement.  Not to mention some of the police altercations that end in violence are often the result of them having no other means of diffusing situations.

However you have those individuals who are racist and who do approach with extreme prejudice even when it isn’t called for.  But the bottom line is that officials need to give psyche evaluations to their police counterparts every month or something. Too many cops are using needless force against unarmed folks in rather “standard procedure” situations. Yeah tax dollars, yada yada but something has got to give and someone has got to be accountable. Because some fucks do hide behind a badge either to cover racism or to cover their asses.

But since I always play devil’s advocate, some if not most victims of police brutality  are not always clean and cut nor are they as innocent as we want to believe.  Even Rodney King was a repeated trouble maker before the cops wailed on him.  Did his past make his beating justified no, but it didn’t help it either. Sometimes what we as bystanders may perceive as racial profiling  is often times a cop’s lucky hunch. Some cops are honest and fair who simply get put into situations that give them moments to make life/death decisions & others honestly make shitty mistakes on duty but like the song says,  “…Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses…”

So many slaughtered senselessly or approached with lethal force for no reason.  All of this just a few days short of the year anniversary of Sandra Bland whose suspicious death was ruled as suicide or something while still in police custody. She was apprehended during a traffic stop & held for resisting arrest.


We posted memes & #hashtags to remind never to forget but here we are a year later posting, praying and protesting a system that has changed very little…At least at it’s core.

mary tuner

I wonder just how soon will we again forget…

Just makes me think about those little girls in Alabama that were bombed in a church in 1963.  Had they instead lived to have children or grandchildren today…would they too have to bury them because of a racism that was once blatant isn’t so much anymore?

Until Next Time Kiddies…Shalom!

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bitch blog kitty



Bucket List left undone


un·fin·ished – [ˌənˈfiniSHt]


  1. not finished or concluded; incomplete.

Looking through a few video games and sadly I have yet to finish more than half of them. Not only on my Xbox one but my 360.. Not sure if it’s my natural instinct to procrastinate, the fact I het bored easily or that I get easily attracted to the next shiny new toy but I’m gonna finish at least one of them before the week is out…lol.

Hell I think I even have some unfinished flicks too. Fuck I even have a slew of blog drafts that need to be unearthed not to mention a novel or 2, 3 or shit… 😒.
I got a lot of work to do! Maybe i will start on that kitchen remodel or backyard! 😩😳.
Nonetheless your insomniac has a lot of work to do! 😠

Well til next time kiddies…

PS. Hoping to report at least one completed task by then next blog.

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Now if you’re not caught up with Game of Thrones be advised…

Well it would appear that my new Sunday addiction is Game of Thrones.  Now I have liked the show for a few years now but lack of cable or good streaming kept me at bay not to mention so much else.

Anyway I spent several weeks streaming and binging to catch up to season 6 premier only to find out my favorite character Jon Snow was still very much dead!
game of thrones jon snow diesgame of thrones jon snow dead.jpg

Well that was until last week’s edge of your seat episode. Here’s a pretty much my reaction!

Was I shocked and surprised? No… Why because there was there was just too much hype convincing us he was dead unlike so many other GoT characters. I mean so many folks have come and gone despite our cries and cheers (ahem Joffrey)! And yet there was a host of protest everywhere! Now that Snow is back and abroad… Why lies ahead for the rush to the Iron Throne?

What will he do? Where he go? Maybe a vacation somewhere nice and sunny like Meeren, perhaps! Not to mention his siblings separated and whatnot! Anywho…needless to say I’m hooked to this show and if you’re not, get on board!

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom… 😉

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Deadpool (review)


Hello there fans… I know long time no see! I apologize for the absence, which was more extended than I wanted. But at least I could come back on the topic of some shit I very well love: movies and well Ryan Reynolds! 🙂

So after anticipating and borderline craving, I finally feasted my eyes on Deadpool the movie! 👍

And while yes this blog is a day (er…week) or 2 late, it is with much pleasure that after seeing it twice… your girl is satisfied. You have your Marvel super/anti hero antics, humor, gore, good plot and Ryan naked! I nearly wore a diaper in fear I’d piss myself in shear excitement.

I won’t give up much for those of you living under a rock who haven’t seen it but I will say this, this movie is not without it’s “wall breaking” tummy hurting chuckles. I won’t lie, I love comics but I won’t go so far to say I am a comic geek but for those folks I know who are, after speaking with them, they too were not let down.

And to be honest I could care less if they were…why?

Because Ryan is fucking NAKED!!!! Ok I know I said that already… but I give you a tidbit!


Ok our  lovable Deadpool aka Ryan has just survived an explosion (that he caused trying to escape this torture chamber that looks like a glass coffin, which suffocates him.  He then fights against (another well built sir), the antagonist Francis aka Ajax (Ed Skrein from the Transporter reboot/sequel & Vikings).
Ed-Skrein-Ajax Deadpool

The entire building engulfed in flames, as fate would have it his clothes catch on fire. And so he rips them off, his eyes set on revenge on Ajax. Nonetheless Ryan, er Deadpool (who at this point is still technically Wade Wilson) is totally fucking naked. Despite being scarred all over (resulting from his cancer that mutated all over his skin from the Weapon-X experiment & possibly the fire). Anywho, The fight goes on for a bit while the fire spreads all over the place. And after being knocked down briefly, there it is!! I mean it’s not all in your face so don’t picture Boogie Nights in fact it’s a shadow or silhouette if you will but if you’re looking for it like I was (especially the 2nd time I saw this flick), you can see Ryan Reynolds’s penis.

I’m not sure about you but seeing 2 well built guys fight damn naked in a fire is my idea of a wet dream… HAHAHA!

I am so glad that this was one of those films not spoiled (by that I mean ruined) by not-know-it-all producers and money whores who wanted to water down Deadpool with a PG rating.  If you are familiar with this crazy ass comic character, you’ll know he is no role model superhero. He is bound to say or do anything, he is “bat-shit” crazy and hilarious. Check him out in the videogame, comics or better animated movies (Hulk vs. Wolverine is probably best) before you get mad or offended by the content. I mean Deadpool a family flick…HELL NO! 3102119-deadpool2_zps0ebaadcb

Let me tell you something, this country is chocked full of parents who will expose (or at the very least ignore) their kids to viewing inappropriate shit… such as gore and nudity in movies. This world is going to hell anyway, censoring movies (or TV) won’t halt that. Not so much as telling parents that their kids can’t pray publicly or be beaten with a belt.

Let me stop there before I go off topic…lol! That’s for another blog! I swear I wasn’t a full teen when I saw my first unedited Jason flick

Anywho, I loved this movie with all it’s slapstick humor, boobs, ass, profanity, violence and last but not least gore. If you want Spiderman or something kid friendly, this may not be for you but if you truly love Deadpool go on and grab about 40 bucks and blow it on this movie plus concessions. You will definitely be happy with this guy
(and no not that questionable one version from Wolverine),
not cool deadpool

Needless to say, I will be buying the Blu-ray in addition to already seeing this multiple times in the theatre.

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom & See You at the movies… 😉

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American Horror Story:Hotel (review)

**As with most reviews, this post may contain spoilers**

I can’t be the only one who looked up the “She Wants Revenge” tune, “Tear You Apart” after watching the American Horror Story: Hotel season 5 premiere…I mean it’s been weeks & I am still in love with this song (in case you’re wondering I’ve attached the actual video and not the infamous sex scene it was very much apart of). How bizarre, this song is quite a few years old and if you’re like me… you’ve probably added to the few extra million views on YouTube.

Anywho, my review is for as I mentioned season 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel

Episode 1 started out with such a horribly, sexually charged yet awesome bang…that I recall my jaw being dropped to the floor as I watched. It was the 1st time in a long time that I actually wanted to keep watching but turn my eyes away all at the dawn damn time!

If you’re wondering why… Well in 4 words I can explain the most bizarre of all the WTF moments in this show: Weirdo Dude with the Metal Spike… Ok that’s technically 6 but who counting ‘with’ & ‘the’ anyhow?

Which brings me to our main antagonist, Lady Gaga who has me like 😍😍. lady-gaga-american-horror-storyShe is fierce as the Countess. I’m usually cautioned when singers act but Lady Gaga in my opinion fits right in with the weirdo-gory-sexy-craziness of this show! AHS:HOTEL is awesome so far but I won’t lie, I am equally disgusted & confused as I am entertained & turned on…lol.

I am experiencing the same feel that I got seasons prior but with a whole new storyline. (except 3…still not super crazy about Coven, I mean I liked it but it’s not the best AHS season). So far it’s gooooodddd…

All the other characters are amazing too! I mean I would definitely be attached to the arm to “Liz Taylor” the cross dressing, not gay hotel attendant…believe it or not he’s probably the most balanced character there! I don’t even trust that cop guy, to be honest.

Returning are 2 of my favs… The ageless & beautiful Angela Bassett. angela-basset american-horror-story-hotel

She has this blood vendetta with Gaga (despite the fact that they had such “good times” together…LOL)! She is one of my favorite actresses in the business to begin with…not to mention she is beautiful inside & out… My goal in life is to look like her at that age!

And then there’s Kathy Bates. kathy bates
I don’t care what emotionally fucked up character she plays… I love her! I have admired her since she brought to life the infamous Nurse Annie Wilkes from Misery (the Stephen King book/movie) If you haven’t seen it…RENT IT! You will have a new found respect for sledge hammers. HAHA

Even those creepy vampire kids in the hotel who kinda remind me of the Village of the Damned…nice touch to the story line. But one must wonder what kind of damage will it have on anyone stuck as a kid forever. (Hint Claudia in the Interview With The Vampire).

Oh & PLOT TWIST!!!!! Those junior high kids!!! OMG!!! It turned into a regular Vampire High real quick! Just waiting to see if that creepy “spike” guy thing will be making a reappearance.

Lastly you have the “infamous” James Patrick March played by the adorable Evan Peters. Evan-Peters
He diabolically delicious & frightening at the same time. His hotel although classically designed is all types of crazy. I mean windowless rooms that have doors, some of which that unlock only from the outside, hidden chutes used to hide victims & torture rooms. I don’t know if the creators have admitted it but this season’s theme does play some serious homage to H.H. Holmes.

Although his hotel wasn’t in LA & this psycho was caught & executed here in Philly but the small character similarities are still uncannily awesome especially pertaining to how this crazy ass hotel is. If you have no clue who this maniac was, He was pretty much the country’s 1st serial killer and who made profit from it back in the 1800’s.

Attention Class, Here is a brief History lesson:

Besides it’s only fair since they paid homage to some of history’s famous serial killers this season. Names such as Eileen Wournos, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez & even the uncaught Zodiac Killer. I look forward to seeing what other plots will unravel. However one thing plagues me… what the hell is up with that little girl, you know the cop’s daughter? Her parents are so hell bent on the son, Holden (who the Countess kidnapped) but that little girl is the one who’s neglected the most. If anyone is damaged by the end of the season…it’ll be her.

As always there is so much going on with this show… And could the sex scenes be more hot/graphic….Shit is this Cinemax? HAHAHA

I love it!

Needless to say I can never wait to check into the Hotel Cortez each & every Wednesday night!

it's awesome

Well until next time Kiddies,

Shalom & See you in room 64… 😉

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