The Many Faces of ME


Someone once asked me:
What the Hell was I thinking when I coined the name, DRUNKEN INSOMNIAC WRITER!

My Reply:
(in my most sophisticated voice) I drink an adequate amount of wine & get an inadequate amount of sleep!

Oh plus I write blogs, books & stuff!

 wonder woman
I idolize the fictional comic book character, Wonder Woman because of her strength, her sexiness, fearlessness, determination to get the truth! She protects and She advises!

I practice the faith of Judaism! I am a mother, author, blogger, dancer, business professional, fit-freak-trainer, gamer, socialite but sometimes, hermit, caregiver, daughter… Mother Fuckin’ Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!109 by insomniac_writer-9 20 2013 12 00 00 AM (2) ???????? Thumba_2013-06-26_14-06-58 WP_000731 WP_000484 WP_000463 WP_000298 WP_000084  Metrogram_456637495548375459_299369667 9e5c7030-6ff4-47e0-aa10-0615c964f5e0


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